Do You Have Twitter Envy Or Is Twitter Really Evil?

We all know what penis envy is, right… you do, don’t you?  Anyway I’m not qualified enough to help you with that… But do you have Twitter Envy?  You know, the realization that you don’t have tens of thousands of Twitter followers and you’re not really following anyone.

The other day I was on John Chows website — so you’re probably asking just what the heck does Twitter Envy have to do with John Chow and his website?  Well, nothing really.  But there is something.  Just bear with me, OK?

As I was saying I was on John Chows website and I found a post about a new service that he has set-up called Twitter Follower (you can read the post here - but first read the rest of this post, OK?).  So I signed-up and signed on and started following all 3,000 or so people currently subscribed to it.


After a while I got tired of hitting or pressing the “follow” button and managed to follow around 800 people and in return about 245 started to follow me.  That initial run boosted my stats to roughly 500 visits yesterday and today it’s still pretty steady at around 350 visits so far.

So I though this is COOL.  But then I hit my mail to read it and there were hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of messages from everyone that I’ve followed including several hundred direct messages.  Now normally I would have just deleted these direct messages BUT some people are using a Twitter validation service to ensure that it’s not a robot that has followed them – so I had to go through about 600 messages.  NOT FUN.

The problem was that this was my PRIMARY e-mail address!  AAAAAGH.  Mistake number one was made.

Here is a small snippet of my inbox…


So what can you do to protect your primary e-mail?

Well first thing that I should have done was use another e-mail address, NOT my primary one.  But I’m the on to blame, sheer laziness prompted me to use my primary e-mail address.  I should have used a “disposable” address from Yahoo or any other e-mail provider (like GMail or Hotmail) – anyways, Yahoo give me the option to create “disposable” e-mail addresses as I subscribe (yes, PAY … don’t ask, well OK you can ask if you really want to) to their premium mail service.

So that was the first thing that I should have done (and what you should do as well).

The other thing I could have done was to turn off a couple of settings inside of Twitter…


TURN those checkboxes OFF otherwise you will get inundated with e-mail.  Very quickly.

…so actually Twitter is not evil, but those options are and the people that send direct text hourly are – yes, I had some people send me a direct text message every few hours.  THEY are evil.

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