Does Submitting Articles Still Work?

Someone left us an e-mail/comment asking whether article submissions work.  The answer is YES, they still do – but don’t be submitting spammy articles.  You have seen them.  They are not readable and really are crap.

We spend a lot of time on creating articles.  Either we’ll do our own research and write our own, or find someone that can write quality articles.  It’s not easy though and this is one difficult part of the backlink process.  You should concentrate on QUALITY ARTICLES however because spammy articles just force your visitor to click the BACK BUTTON never to be seen again.

If you do submit and decide to spin article, use a good spinner like the one we recommended in our previous post (we are using it in addition to The Best Spinner) and LOVE it.  The articles are VERY READABLE.

If you decide to submit to article directories, look at the better ones and either do it manually (ugggh – very time consuming) or use something like ArticlePostRobot – another tool we use that works VERY WELL.  We can submit articles to the TOP 60 or so Page Rank 6, 5, 4 and 3 directories.  Plus we submit to another 75 (or so) PR 2 and another 87 or so PR 1 directories.

We concentrate on the Top 60 PR 6, 5, 4 and 3 directories however because you do need to set-up a LOGIN ID for each of the directories we’ve decided to concentrate only on the Top 60 Article Directories.  If you’re smart you could contract this out to someone to do for a few dollars (say around $0.50 – $1.00 per directory) then you have all of them inside of APR.

Quick note though – we don’t know whether the list on APR website is updated with the latest PageRanks for the article directories.  We have, however, listed the Top 60 Article Directories here for you:  PageRank: 6  PageRank: 6  PageRank: 6  PageRank: 5  PageRank: 5  PageRank: 5  PageRank: 5  PageRank: 5  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 4  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3  PageRank: 3

If you don’t own ArticlePostRobot – why not?

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