Don’t Get Sales From Amazon aStore

Mo and I are on an Amazon kick right now.  Our sites are doing much better than anticipated, and though our techniques to build traffic are contraversial – its worked for us.

Recently received an e-mail from a reader saying that their Amazon aStore isn’t getting any sales.  They did provide us with their URL, but I won’t share it (he’s actually done a good job of staying anonymous).

Couple of things we noted right away is that the layout was miserable.  Colors are fine to use, but they need to mix and blend well so that they look nice – personally we use very flat colors like blues, greens, greys etc., we don’t go onto the wild side at all.

Second and most important – it will be difficult to rank in Google for aStores because they are on Amazons server but you cannot add your own content to them.  You also can’t see what’s happening, or not on the store – no traffic reports etc.,  The only real way to put up an Amazon aStore onto your blog directly is through the use of a frame as we mentioned in our previous post – Getting Started To Make Money With Amazon aStore.

Why would you want to use an iFrame or FrameSet?  Simple – you can then add your content around the site to attract visitors to it and in turn direct them to your aStore. The problem with using an aStore in WP is that you will need a template that doesn’t use sidebars because in most cases (probably all) the store will be too wide for any customized themes.

aStores are great – the look is clean and uncluttered, but problem is monetizing them and that means you need to get visitors to the store.  Organic search and SEO will work, as will PPC – but then at that point, you could be spending good money chasing something that may well be difficult to get — SALES.

In doing some research for this post, here are a few sites I’ve found that could spur the imagination and get you thinking out of the box:

  • – a cool Amazon aStore directory, it actually ranks in Google as a PR2.  They’ve even got a MySpace page!  They rank #1 for aStore directory, and amazon astore directory.  But of course, how many people will actually be searching for that phrase?
  • – another aStore directory done inside of a blog.  You should check this out.  It looks very new though, so no page rank right now.  Since Amazon aStore allows you to link to your site, when you go to any of this sites Amazon aStores there is a link to an external blog hosted on blogspot.  Nice idea.

There really is no other strategy that we could share with you when it comes to an aStore.  An aStore by itself will do nothing – you need to promote it.  How to promote?  You could use SEO and rely on organic search through article marketing but then it’s better to imbed your store in your WP blog so that you can build your site at the same time and perhaps flip it later on.


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