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double opt-in wordpress emailMany, many, many moons ago I spoke about DIY E-Mail Marketing – specifically whether to do it in-house or use a third-party e-mail marketing company.

Rather than re-hash the entire post here, one search term that keeps coming up again and again in my stats is “double opt-in for wordpress” so it appears that there are quite a few people that would rather handle some level of their e-mail marketing in-house.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  There are definately some pros and cons of DIY when it comes to e-mail marketing, but it can be done cleanly if you so desire.

Here are OIBO we use a fantastic little plugin from Watershed Studios called WordPress Email Notification Plugin.  In fact if you look waaaaay up at the top right of the page you’ll see a place where you can sign-up for blog alerts.  I’m running his script on the site.

Here is where the plugin was initially announced on Watershed Studios’ Blog.

The script is very easy to set-up and work with.

What I like most about the script is that it does provide you with a method of double opt-in for your WordPress install.

To manage my subscribers, I click on the WP Manage link and then on “Email Notification”.

double opt-in wordpress email

The admin area is selft explanatory.  If you’d like to see who has subscribed and confirmed their e-mail subscription, simply click on “Remove Addresses” to get a list of all your subscribers.

double opt-in wordpress email

Bad Mo!  I didn’t confirm my subscription!

Want to e-mail all your subscribers?  Simple…

double opt-in wordpress email

Simple, no?

Finally you can set your preferences/settings as well…

double opt-in wordpress email

The only thing I find kludgy with this great plugin is that if I want to change the content of the message, I need to edit the plugin and make my changes there.  If you’re a  webmaster that does not want to mess with the workings of a plugin, you may not like this plugin.

I find that it is very light-weight and does what I need it to do.  It doesn’t handle any type of tracking etc., but that can be done quite easily.

If you know of a better plugin out there that can handle double opt-in for wordpress, and is (preferably) free – drop me a line so that I can try it out and provide a review here.

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