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On most days, the “internet marketing world” is buzzing with the latest tool to spam Blogger or some other platform or has a tool has been developed to spam the search engines that won’t get you caught (quickly) or some method to extract the maximum from AdSense.

In other words, a lot of crappy products are released all the time that will be useless in exactly 10 minutes after it’s been released because you can bet Google, Yahoo, MSN and every other SE will be reverse engineering it to ensure that they can stop you from gaining that unfair advantage.

But every now and then a product comes along that is truly unique, and does what it should – help the webmaster with a tedious task.

Now before I go into the review of this product, Xingla Pro Blog Carnival Submission Software you need to know that there are several internet marketers that offer a blog carnival submission service.  The prices are typically around $100.00 per month.  Here are a few that offer this service:

Now most of them charge on a month-to-month basis, but ONE of these guys charges for 12 months IN ADVANCE.  That’s $1,200.00 out of your bank account straight into his.

So you might be thinking that that’s fine, it’s OK to pay it.  Awesome.  My own service charges only $30.00 per month.  If you are interested, e-mail me or comment on this post and I’ll be in touch with you.

Let me give you the other side of the story.

In most cases, these individuals hire someone to submit to carnivals.  I know as I run a blog carnival on this blog.  It’s really very easy to spot, and how can I tell?  Simple.  They submit the same post, over and over again.  Week after week – it’s the same post.  In some cases they submit password protected posts or posts that have absolutely nothing to do with internet business or internet marketing.

Now maybe that’s what the service wants to happen — I mean, perhaps I should give them the benefit of doubt, right?  But you see, when the same individual gives me the same post week after week after week – I don’t post the repeats, so if YOU are spending $100.00 per month but get only 1 post into my carnival (and I suspect rejections from other carnivals) you’ve really wasted your money.  SUCKER!  LOL!  I guess there is one born every minute.

So what is the solution?  Xingla Pro by Jack Keifer.

It’s actually pronounced SHING-LA, but I think of it more as the ZING to get my blog carnival submissions taken care of weekly without so much as breaking a sweat.

Xingla Pro is the only blog carnival submitter that I’ve seen.  Jack has cornered the market as there is no competition for him at this moment.  In fact, I was going to develop something like this — but Jack beat me to it and it works great.  So why reinvent the wheel?

First off the software is dirt cheap.  Jack is only charging $100.00 for this.  Jack – YOU ARE CRAZY, MY FRIEND!  I would not charge anything less than $300 or $350 for something like this and I mean this with all sincerity.  This is VERY VALUABLE software.  I’m not trying to hype a product that I will get commissions on — in fact, there is NO affiliate program for Xingla Pro (at least not that I know of).  Xingla Pro is worth MORE than $100.00 – plain and simple.

Jack was more than kind to give me a copy of Xingla Pro for review, unfortunately it took me longer to write this review on the software.

Installing Xingla Pro

Installing Xingla Pro is very simple, though a bit lengthy.

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded the software, start the installer.

Xingla Pro Review on OIBO dot ORG











Click ACCEPT and let the installer complete it’s work.  After your system reboots, the installation will continue.  Finally once it has completed, you will see:

Xingla Pro Product Review OIBO dot org










You are done and ready to start using Xingla Pro.  Click the icon on your desktop.  This is the first screen you see once you have started the application:

Xingla Pro

I’m not particularly fond of the colors, but that’s minor.  The power is in what the software does.  Xingla Pro comes packaged with a list of (at the time of release) internet business blog carnivals that are accepting submissions.  You can tell as the “Current List” is shown as “Internet Business Carnivals”.

You can add to this list, or create new lists as you need them.

To create a new list, click on the tab “Create New List”.

Xingla Pro Product Review OIBO dot org

Select a carnival from the drop down list in the bottom half of the frame and in the top half, click on the “ADD” button.  Continue until you’ve added all the items you want to the list, then click on the “SAVE LIST” button, name your list and click the SAVE button.

Xingla Pro Product Review OIBO dot org

You’ve just created a new list.

You can use this list just as easily by clicking the “OPEN LIST” button from the main tab and selecting a list.

Now Blog Carnivals are a way to share YOUR best posts with others.  The traffic that can result from blog carnival submissions is great, provided you submit regularly.  Using this software, you should be able to submit weekly without fail.

Once you’ve loaded your list, proceed to submit posts using Xingla Pro.

Xingla Pro Product Review OIBO dot org

Fill in the required information – DO NOT select a carnival to select to.  Enter the PERMALINK URL to the post on your site as I’ve done here… wait a few seconds.  Some information will be populated automatically.

Enter the SUBMITTER NAME and the SUBMITTER E-MAIL.  If you’re shown a security code, enter it.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE SUBMIT on the Blog Carnival submission form, instead click on AUTO SUBMIT on the top frame.

You’re done.  I just saved you time, and more importantly MONEY.  Send me my commission to sales at nodeoneweb dot com (my PayPal address).  Seriously, that is how easy it is.  After clicking AUTO SUBMIT, it took all of maybe 30 seconds to submit to 16 different carnivals in one go.

You can do this week after week, WITHOUT paying $100 each month or $1,200 in ONE SHOT.

Now – how do I know for sure that these were submitted?  Easily.  I log into my cPanel and look at the e-mail account specified to see whether the submission was successful or not.  I can also follow-up with the sites that I’ve submitted to to see if my post made it into the carnival or not.

Xingla Pro has got to be the easiest software that I’ve ever used.  It’s certainly the most powerful, and most useful.

I’m a cheap bastard and didn’t want to pay $100.00 per month for no guarantee that my posts would be submitted.  With Xingla Pro, I could start my own blog carnival submission service undercutting all the others out there and STILL make money!

If you’re looking to expand your internet marketing business, blog carnivals are a perfect way to get attention and noticed on other blogs that may be attracting many more readers that your blog is.  I highly recommend that you purchase Xingla Pro from Jack Keifer right now before he really does realize that at $100.00 for this software, he’s actually loosing money and he bumps the price to what it really should be — around $350.00.

To purchase Xingla Pro, visit Jack Keifer – http://www.keifersoft.com/XinglaPro/

To learn more about Xingla Pro, visit Jack Keifers’ blog – http://www.jackkeifer.com/24-hour-special/ - he was selling it at $35.00 at one point, but it’s now back to $100.00 (and I really feel that this should be selling for atleast $300.00 to $350.00).

…and finally a bit more information on Xingla Pro from Jacks blog – http://www.jackkeifer.com/get-ready-for-xingla-pro/.

oibo dot org


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