False Profits Are Around Us


Unfortunately I have not unsubscribed from all my “gurus” e-mail lists, so when something does come through I tend to take a quick look at it and then usually delete it.  But I had to share this one with you.

Now I definately DO NOT want to flame anyone, as these “gurus” do make money at our/your expense.  But you have to question some of the stuff that they push through! 

I received an e-mail from a marketer… here is the image of that e-mail:

Internet Business

First incorrect statement “what this GUY did” — the person selling this package is not a GUY with a GIRL.  :-)  

I was curious, so checked out the site.  The sales page was slick, great graphics and fantastic testimonials.  But what stood out was the image capture of the Google search results.  In it it is proudly displayed that due to the misspelling of the targeted keyword phrase, the blog reached the #1 position for “internet marketing stratagies”.  In the image it shows that there are 34,100 other competing blogs for the same misspelled word:

Internet Business

Yup – #1 for a misspelled word.  Awesome! (I hope you can sense the sarcasm in my comment).

Interested, I keyed it in as well.  Want to see what I found:

Internet Business

Whoops – Google says that “This site may harm your computer.”. 

Great!  I’m going to go to this site, and really (REALLY) trust what the author is selling.

Would you?

There are many ways to grab the #1 spot in Google or any search engine for that matter – misspelled keywords is one.  Keywords that are “long tail” is another — but you have to ask yourself this, how many people will be using those particular keywords to find YOUR site?

I’ve not provided direct links to the sites in question – why should I increase their linkbacks?

Next time you get an irresisistable offer – QUESTION IT!  Do some basic reasearch, like I did.  It took me all of 5 minutes.



P.S.  Sorry if anyone out there feels that I’m trashing anyone or if it was poor taste to post this particular entry.  That is not my intention, it’s just very upsetting to see drivel being sent around and people like you and I (well, not anymore, I hope) falling for this stuff.  If you are in the IM area, then at least treat your visitors with respect and show some level of integrity.

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