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So unless you’re a prolific writer, and a creative genius it will probably take some time to come up with a killer blog post every day.

But I am about to share a technique with you that is guaranteed to provide you with an endless source of blog posts for your blog.  This techique is so successful, that I am using it on several blogs that I run with GREAT success!

The Technique Is…

You’ve seen TOP xx lists all over the place.  There is a list for everything, Top 10 List of Best Ways To… whatever you could want.

But do you know the one thing that is lacking in many of these lists?  Detail.  Content.  The meat!  In virtually 90% of the cases there is no content.  It’s a plain-jane list from 1 to xx that has a point, and a brief sentence or two about the point and that’s it.

Soooooo, what you could do is look at the oodles of lists out there.  Pick a few that are appealing – ideally you want to look at the number of comments received on the list and pick the top ones as those are the ones that generated the most impact (but remember – there is no guarantee that YOUR post will generate that much impact).

Look at each point, and quite simply – expand upon it.

For example, on my weight loss blog I wrote several lists years ago.  I’ve taken one of the lists and am converting each point into blog posts.  It is not difficult at all.  You CAN do the same with lists.  There are several bloggers doing just this (providing detail to their top xx lists) and they are attracting visitors.  While the lists themselves are great, they add even more value if you can expand up on them.

Think of it this way, is getting a list of Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings in point form with little to no explanation going to add value to your visitor?  OR is the same list, packed with solid information and perhaps examples as way of proof that the tips word more valuable to your visitor?  I would hope you answer the latter is more valuable.

Here is a great example of this at work in the make money online/internet marketing niche.

Alan Johnson over at The Rating Blog has dozens of blog posts which are nothing more than lists.  His latest series presents The Top Ten Traffic Triggers.  Rather than just give you a list, which is done and gone in one simple post, he’s broken each item in the list into its own story.

He’s given one post 10x the impact and has 10 well written posts that can be optimized for the search engines and social trafficked.  He has 10 posts that can be used for 10 days – the beauty is that each post could be written in a couple of days and time posted thereby feeing up time for the next set of Top 10 or Top 50 list!

Remember this – because it’s a series of 10 posts, his visitors will follow each post thereby increasing his page views, and visitor counts – win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win.

Each post is broken down into key sections:

  • Things every webmaster needs to know
  • Traffic potential
  • Short-term benefits
  • Long-term benefits
  • Investment vs. reward
  • Dangerous mistakes
  • Recommended approach

In addition, each post in this particular series ends with valuable suggestions on how to use the idea so he may present free methods, along with methods which require some type of investment on your part.

Don’t even think from an instant that this will only work for make money online or internet business/internet marketing – it can work for you in any niche:

  • Top 10 Songs
  • Top 10 Singles
  • Top 10 High Schools
  • Top 10 Colleges
  • Top 10 Universities
  • Top 10 Companies To Work For
  • Top 10 Weight Loss Methods
  • Top 10 Ways To Engergize Your Mornings
  • Top 10 New Years Resolutions
  • Top 10 Blogs

And the list can go on and on and on. 

Every item in this list could be expanded upon very easily. 

Take for example Top 10 Companies To Work For.  You could expand upon this list and provide some company data – are they public or private?  If public provide information on their stock, perhaps a who’s who of the company, if you can get information on the different departments they have, perhaps you can track down starting salaries in various departments… you see, there is a lot of information you could add to the post to make it UBER valuable to your visitors.

As with everything, if you decide to use someone elses list ensure you give them credit for the original post – it’s a nice thing to do and spreads good karma.  Besides remember the saying “what goes around, comes around”.

Next time you are struggling to come up with posts for your blog – look around the blogosphere in your niche, or other niches to see what bloggers are up to.  If they have a list, you could borrow the entire list (give credit where it is due) and expand up on the ideas to create unique posts for your blog.  If the list, on their blog, generated a lot of impact (many comments) there is a good chance that it will do the same.

Besides the impact it will generate, you will have several posts that can be distributed over the course of many days thereby captivating, and capturing your visitor to come back for more. 

If the posts are high quality, and present good content – they will be back not only to read the entire series, but will be back for more of the same.  Give them what they want!

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