Five Awesome Tips to Maximize Your Amazon Affiliate Income

Here are some simple tips that were given by another blogger to make money on Amazon. Common sense really but not always apparent…

TIP #1 – Choose products in Amazon that are over $150 – in this way you will get a good commission.  [MB/RB] You can choose less expensive products but as commissions are between 4% and 7% the more expensive the product the better commisions you make.

Tip #2 – Choose products that have really good reviews on Amazon.  [MB/RB] We do this all the time.  What’s the point of presenting a review of a product that nobody has purchased?  Unless you think you can sell that product, don’t go after it.  Some products have hundreds of reviews on them – stick to what works best.

Tip #3 – the niche doesn’t particularly matter – it’s more about the product so you need to do the usual keyword research and determine competition when choosing a product in Amazon.  [MB/RB] A well thought out plan and execution will result in any niche generating money.  Spend some time to do the research, then work on becoming the expert.

Tip #4 – Don’t use Amazon widgets or anything fancy – we’ve found they just don’t work – use text links instead.

Tip #5 – Ultimately it comes down to writing a really good review. I’ve seen Amazon focused sites and most have hundreds of reviews with very little substance. Go with quality and not quantity. You only need a handful of reviews to make a full time income but they have to be top-notch and as helpful as possible to the potential buyer.

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