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Here is another traffic/writing technique to help you gain more traffic to your site, and it doesn’t rely on black hat traffic techniques.

I’ve mentioned many times in the past to look at your web stats.  There is a very good reason for it.

Your traffic stats reveal something VERY important – and that is keywords used to find your site.  I’ve gotta be careful here not to reveal some hot keywords for you – but for example you go through your log files and you notice that there are xx hits to your website for the term “internet businness oppurtunity” – what will you do?

Well most people would (and probably do) ignore their stats.  Too bad, so sad – you loose.

What you should be doing is examining your stats and writing posts with those keywords.  Think about it.  Maybe 50, 500 or 5,000 people have to your site with those keywords – you should probably be working on using those keywords in other articles, perhaps as anchor text in your link exchange.

Rather than 5,000 why not get 50,000 people visiting your site?

Whatever you do, you should not be turning a blind eye to your stats.  They provide very useful insight into the people that are finding your site.


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