Free Or Paid PLR Articles = YEECH

In days of old I’d spend a lot of money on PLR.  I’m sure you have as well.  Perhaps it was a monthly membership to something like Article Underground or anyone of the gurus out there selling monthly memberships or some such scheme to get you into their PLR distribution.  You don’t see a lot of that anymore, except for Article Underground that keeps trying to get people to buy into their “Fire Sales” (whatever that means).

You also find PLR through tons of spam offers from gurus that “once sold those very same articles for $47.00 per month” but are now giving them away for joining their mailing list or selling 100,000 articles (I kid you not) for $47.00 and if you happen to be smart enough to try and leave the site they try and grab you by reducing the price by another $30.00.

The problem with PLR is that is written for the masses - and by that I do not mean readers but for marketers.  Have you read some of the PLR out there?  It’s really crappy.  I mean seriously, it is very, very bad.  Broken english, no train of thought in the article at all, very disjointed and written to someone that has only a grade 8 education.

I don’t know about you but on many of my affiliate sites, the visitors are obviously more educated than that.

So you say “but I’ll rewrite the PLR, at least its given me a starting point”.  OK, if you say so.  I’ve tried to rewrite PLR recently by gorging on the hundreds of thousands of articles that I’ve accumulated – it was a fruitless task.  I ended up rewriting the article entirely to the point that there was no resemblance to the original article.  That’s how bad most of the articles are.  It took me twice as long to rewrite, and can honestly say that if I had written them from scratch it would have taken much less time.

You are much better off researching topics for articles in the niche your site(s) are in and writing well thought, logically flowing and informative articles instead of using PLR as a base or for anything.

Writing well researched articles using strong, long-tail keywords will also help you with your SEO – just take a look at this product Amazonian Profit Plan - they generate a 5-figure income (probably 6-figure by now) writing well thought articles and reviews.

There is a lot to SEO and writing good content is just one aspect.

Of course getting visitors to your site can be accomplished through other means as well, but content is the easiest and least expensive.

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