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Search engine optimization has been made easy with Traffic Travis 3.0 software.

Aug 28, 2009 – Small website owners are finding it increasingly difficult to rank in the search engines as competition on the Internet intensifies. New webmasters often don’t even realize just how important search engine optimization is to the success of their website until they have had their site online several months. It’s only when their website begins to slip into oblivion and traffic dwindles away that the truth hits home.

Mark Ling, founder of SEO software Traffic Travis, says that at this point website owners panic and use snippets of information they have gathered from blogs and articles in a haphazard approach to SEO that usually produces very little in the way of results. Some webmasters take some bad advice and end up watching their sites slip even further down the ranks.

However, he says, it is not just newbies who struggle with SEO. Even experienced webmasters find it challenging. “The cost and time involved in SEO can be very restrictive – we don’t all have the resources of the BBC. Obviously something had to change.”

Traffic Travis is SEO software designed to make ranking in the search engines achievable and easy for website owners of all levels and experience, without the need for a big marketing budget. And the newly-released 3.0 version includes even more features to streamline the SEO process.

“Search engine optimization does not have to be labor intensive or a financial burden,” says Ling. “Traffic Travis 3.0 offers a simple optimization system that can be carried out quickly and easily using a variety of custom-created tools. The tools automate different stages of the research process, so that previously time-consuming research tasks can be achieved in minutes.”

Not only this, says Ling, but Traffic Travis can also help to point out factors that might otherwise go overlooked.

“Say you’re researching a competitor, and you want to look at their backlinks. Traffic Travis will tell you this, and it’ll also retrieve the IP addresses of the websites, the PageRank and the anchor text. All these are very important factors when assessing backlink quality. You can’t judge a link on one of these factors alone, so any tool that doesn’t give you all this information at once is only giving you a tiny portion of the picture.”

The results that Traffic Travis users have achieved are impressive. Many are regularly achieving first page rankings for their main search terms. is one such customer: “We’ve been plodding away for years trying to get our search engine rankings up. And now, using Traffic Travis, we’ve managed to get our site to #4 & #5 in Google, #1 & #2 in Yahoo and #2 & #3 in MSN for our highly converted search phrase ‘How to Attract Men’”

This unassuming software tool is quietly revolutionizing the way website owners do business on the Internet. “Our aim is to give all website owners the means and opportunity to rank on page one for their search terms,” says Ling, “Traffic Travis puts all webmasters on an equal footing, no matter what their budget or experience is.”

To find out more about Traffic Travis SEO Software, visit Traffic Travis.


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