Free Traffic Generation Methods for CPA Networks

Whether you’re selling e-books, courses for a particular niche or in the PPC game – you need visitors.  There are a few ways to get visitors:

1.  SEO
2.  PPC or any other derivative of paying to get visitors to your site

Both methods have their pros and cons.

SEO for Free Traffic Generation

It’s slow.  Painfully slow.  You can try creating spammy blogs for a particular niche, and perhaps build a traffic base that way but the moment visitors hit the site they will probably be turned off by it.  Mind you there are a lot of great plugins out there that can turn even the spammiest blog into a work of art, but in our experience many of them need a lot of customization — and if you’re not a PHP programmer, you’ll need to hire someone to help with the customization.

There are many SEO methods available.  The easiest one, also referred to as bum marketing is article marketing.  If you’ve got it in you, pump out several dozen to quite possibly hundreds of articles on the niche you’ve chosen and upload them to the hundreds of article directories out there.  You’ll want to automate this task, otherwise you’ll spend more time creating accounts and uploading articles that you won’t have any time to write — and give it a few weeks and you will abandon that route.

Your articles need to be between 300 and 1,000 words long – if you’re running a blog (and you should be) it would be good to keep your articles as posts also and break them down into multiple 300-500 word posts that you can put onto your blog.  If you have 50 articles, all about 1,000 words each and break them down into 2 posts each of 500 words you’ve now got enough for 100 posts.  Space your posts out to two per day and you’ve got enough for one month.

This next technique is disputed but we’ve had great success.  The more we post through some of our autoblogs, the more visitors we’re seeing and the pagerank of the sites we’re autoblogging are gaining faster than other sites.  Now pagerank isn’t all that important – but a high pagerank means you can sell advertising directly or through someone like Text Link Ads.

Other SEO methods are Social Bookmarking – it’s still popular, but you need to really promote the heck out of yourself.  Same goes for Social Networking.  Then there is Forum Marketing.  All these methods take time, and energy.  You could outsource the work to someone – it’s hit and miss (we’ve not had much luck with these methods – they seem to work for a short period of time – then nothing).

You’ll hear a lot about Web 2.0 – ummm… same as the “social” methods mentioned above.  Don’t get wrapped up on technical terms that are thrown about.

When it comes down to it, content attracts.  The more content, the better – but the better the content, the more repeat visitors you get who will be more inclined to subscribe to your feed, follow you on Twitter or sign-up for a newsletter.

Now not all methods will work – again, some may disagree with me on this, but I stand firmly behind this statement.  While content is king, some methods may get you visitors but they WILL NOT CONVERT.  What’s the point of getting 50,000 visitors per month if they click away just as quick?  Some niches require more indepth articles/posts etc., to keep and continue attracting visitors.

Try creating a technology review blog and posting reviews that are only 200-500 words.  They won’t do well.  Typically reviews can go into 1,000-3,000 words for a good detailed review.

Other niches also need to show some expertise.  Try splogging dog care or any other animal care – won’t work.  Trust me, we’ve tried and failed.

There are many ways to get your content out there – I touched on article marketing and article directories, but have you considered turning your articles/posts into videos and posting them to the dozens of video sites out there or searching out the aggregators and hitting the top sites that they are aggregating from?  You could pay to syndicate your articles – check out

SIDE NOTE: Did you know that that some top article tags that we’ve researched are – business, people, home, credit, loan and insurance?

Lets wrap this up to a list to the items we’ve touched on.  I’ll go into more details on others in future posts.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Syndication Marketing (article marketing/bum marketing)
  3. Video Marketing
  4. Social Network Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Buzz Marketing (press releases)
  7. Pay-per-click
  8. Pay-per-view

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