FREE Traffic!


No – I’m not exaggerating.  You can get FREE TRAFFIC starting when you decide to take this step.

I’m talking about black hat SEO methods, but white hat SEO methods – namely starting your own article directory.  There are dozens of scripts available out there, some good, some bad.  There are free ones, and commercial ones.  But what it comes down to is taking the action and steps necessary to set up your own article directory.

If you are focusing on a particular market, then even better!  Since the articles and visitors will be geared towards that market so you will get highly targetted articles and visitors.

Article marketing (also known as bum marketing, since you can set on your backside and do it) is a great revenue and traffic generator.  As many of the writers will use keyword rich articles, the SEs will love them and will index your site.  This will result in your site showing up for those keywords and visitors clicking on them.

Since you will also have enough information surrounding the article (check out how EZine Articles displays articles) the visitor is likely to look around your site as well — resulting in more targetted visitors.

If you don’t want the headaches of running a article directory — perfectly fine, then you should be writing articles and submitting them to the article directories out there. 

You can find my Article Directory by clicking on the link.

If there is a category you don’t see – you can request it.

I look forward to seeing YOUR submissions!



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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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