Generate Massive Amounts Of Website Traffic By Writing Product Reviews

OK, so as I was researching for some ideas for blog posts, I came across the “The Oprah Traffic Method“. 

The method is quite simple, and actually if you’re an old timer in Internet Marketing you will probably realize that this method has been talked about by everyone – in fact, Corey Rudl (deceased) of the Internet Marketing Center had been talking about this method in many of his free traffic generation articles.

While Russell Brunson may have put a new name on this traffic strategy, it’s not new (at least based on the information that I’ve been able to find on this traffic generation method).

In fact you can use this method with any TOP 10 type list (think for example, Top 10 Toys, Top 10 Business Books, Top 10 Help Books… the list can go on and on).

So what exactly is the Oprah Traffic Method?

Here are the details from the original blog post (note that I’ve also added a lot of my own comments to the post – also the original post appears on dozens of sites and all contain a link to the “Zero To $100 Million Dollar Challenge” as an affiliate link…

The Oprah Traffic Method is an awesome traffic generation strategy revealed in a webinar conducted by Russell Brunson for the Zero To $100 Million Dollar Challenge (NOTE: I have removed the link to this site but here it is – you will have to cut & paste it into your browser).

Step. 1 ─ Find out what products will be mentioned on The Oprah Show by checking the website Also checkout The Today Show website, Normally the schedules for the respective shows are mentioned well in advance and hence you get time to decide and act. You can also use important product launches like the iPhone, Sony PSP 3000 etc… for ideas.  You can also check out Oprahs’ book club for Top Books.

Top Books of 2008If you decide books are going to propel you into millionairdom, Amazon has links to some fantastic information to get you started.

They have Top 100 Editors Picks, Top 100 Customer Favorites,  and Best Books of 2008.  Here is a hint – if you could get someone to grab the Top 100 Editors Picks, and the Top 100 Customer Favorites into a database then see which show up in both lists and there you have it – the TOP books to concentrate on.

But let me tell you something else – you don’t have to do a review of the book.  In fact, what might help you out is to read the book and become an expert on it then write about the subject as a series of blog posts or even articles.  Be sure NOT TO PLAGARISE or outright copy protected documents!  Reviews or derivitave works are done on YOUR knowledge of the subject and the research you’ve done.

You could build your own product from the information learned – this comes back to the entire product creation topics that we’ve talked about on the blog in the past.  Remember – don’t count only on virtual products because physical products demand more money due to their perceived value?

The key is to always think out of the box and come up with ideas on how you use the Internet to YOUR advantage.  But remember that you shouldn’t also chase down every idea otherwise you’ll be stuck with dozens of websites, all costing you money and that are probably half-completed.

Once you’ve started to make money on one project/site – repeat for other products/industries.  It’s hard not to repeat when you’ve got a winning formula (think Tim Hortons, McDonalds or any other fast-food restaurant out there.  Few will experiment with their brands, they may create a new brand but will not tinker with their money makers.  In fact even when they create new brands, the basic formula for success remains the same).

Step. 2 ─ Write a 300-500 word article on the topic. The article should have a pretty simple format:

a) What is it?
b) How did you learn about it?
c) How will it make your (and others) life better?
d) Where they can get it?

Basically what you’re doing is a product review – not sure how to write a product review?  Search for product reviews or how to write a product review in Google or any other search engine and you’ll see how to do one.  Product reviews are the easiest type of article to write – but you do need to be objective even if you allow your bias through.

Here are some links to help you out:

These should keep you busy, I am working on a future blog post as well on “Writing Incredibly Effective Product Reviews That Suck In Visitors“.

If you purchase the product you could get a tax write off!  Talk to your accountant for details though!  I don’t want you getting in trouble with the tax man.

Important: Make sure keyword is in the Title, mentioned 2-3 times per 100 words and it is the last word of the article.

Step. 3 ─ Submit the article to various Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, HubPages etc… And instead of submitting to each of these sites individually, you can use to submit your site to a ton of Web 2.0 sites. Plus, it’s a 100% FREE service!

Important: Make sure that the keyword is in the Title, tags and description. Also, don’t forget to put your website URL in the description, preferably, before the start of the description.

Step. 4 ─ Submit site to content sharing sites like Digg,,,

Step. 5 ─ Once you have posted your article to the above mentioned, get the individual RSS feeds and submit them to various RSS directories. Checkout a pretty comprehensive RSS directory listing at and DotSauce.

If your blog is set-up correctly, then once the post goes live it will ping dozens of sites about the new post and if tagged correctly as well the spiders should come on by and hopefully will spider your content and it will be available in the search engines database.

That’s all for “The Oprah Traffic Method”. If done right (whether it is the Oprah Traffic Method or ANY method you choose) you will start to generate traffic to your site.  As you know, the more traffic you get, the better your chances of getting a sale.

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