Get More Accomplished in a Lot Less Time!


In one of my previous posts, I mentioned the gigabytes of stuff I picked up over the years.  I picked up one GREAT document – however there is no header/footer in it so I don’t know where I bought or downloaded it from – but it contains many GREAT effeciency tips to keep you organized.

I’ll be posting many of these great tips on a regular basis using the great attention getting title, which by the way rates a score of 413 in Glyhpius.

Get More Accomplished in a Lot Less Time!

Accept the fact that there is not enough time to do everything.  You need to concentrate on the work that is important.  As you focus on the important things in your business and personal life, you will be making the greatest contribution since you are using your time wisely.

That being said, you need to keep your mind relaxed and calm.  This will help you stay focused on what is important.  If you are working at home, you need a quiet zone where you can work without being interrupted and where you can ignore everything else.

You can control your mental state, but not letting outside pressures get to you.  Understand what needs to be done, then do it n a calm, relaxed and self-assured manner.



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