Get Ready For The Domain Gold Rush!

Domain Name Gold RushHi,

Is the Domain Gold Rush on again?  It could be.

Unless you’re hiding out, with no connection to the Internet you should not have missed this story.

Chris Clark of Maryland sold his domain name “” for a whopping $2.6 million — which is almost 10,000 times the price he originally paid for it in 1994 — a measly $20 (ironically, that’s about the price of a medium pizza nowadays).

Clark had continued paying the annual domain registration fees for “” up until January this year, when he saw domain name ‘’ going for a phenomenal $3 million.

Pizza dot com domain gold rush“It’s crazy, it’s just crazy,” a euphoric Clark is reported to have remarked after the online auction. “” was originally bought by Clark in the hope of getting a contract with a pizza firm for a consultancy he used to run. And Clark regrets not having bought more such domain names when he could have…

Maybe my domain (and a pretty good hack at that) – (think could net me a nice 7 figure Luxury Handba.gssum?  I do not promote the domain at all, and it’s sitting at a Google PR1 rank.  Cool!  Maybe if I actually did some work on it, it could gain page rank much quicker.

I am actively working on selling this domain name  – know anyone who wants the name – only selling for 7-figures.  The luxury handbag market is pegged at $4.8 billion in the US alone!  Worldwide the luxury goods market is worth about $87.5 billion – taking the US $4.8 billion into account we’re not greedy and a tiny even minute percentage of that would keep us happy!  Or you may be interested in leasing a sub-domain (or the entire domain) — e-mail me and we can talk.

Do any of these have any potential?

Take care,

Mohamed Bhimji

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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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