Get Traffic By Thinking Outside Of The Box

WavesYesterday I presented to you a couple of Unique Traffic Generation Methods.  I talked about

Advertising in Staples, Office Depot, FutureShop, BestBuy

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau

Donating Prizes to Contests

These are methods I used years ago to get calls (customers) into my business, and they worked.  I have no reason to believe that these would not still work today.

I’m sure you have seen how well contests work in getting traffic to your site – many bloggers have used this technique successfully – Jason @, John Chow @, John Cow @ and lets not forget one of the biggest contests we’ve seen this year which was run by Gyuate Park @

What else could you do to help promote your site?  Here are a couple, that are certainly not new but that several bloggers are using.

OIBO T-ShirtT-Shirts 

Yup – something that has been around for ages!  T-Shirts.  You’ve worn band shirts, perhaps if you work your company has given you a shirt with their logo on it.  You could probably get a few dozen t-shirts made up for a few hundred dollars and either sell them or give them away.

For example, over at you can buy bulk t-shirts from $4.02 and up depending on the quantity.  The only other cost would be to get your logo or other design silk screened onto the shirt.

But what else can you do?

This next technique should be used very cautiously and should not be used to manipulate your readers/visitors.  Donating to charityJohn Chow has used this to drive awareness to a charity that he supports the Union Gospel Mission - but the donations were not meant to drive traffic but to bring awareness to a charity that he supports.  Companies use donations all the time – for example organizations like the Food Bank that rely on individuals as well as corporate donations. 

Donating helps your companies reputation – and in turn, your reputation.

Money Stamped OIBOStamp Some Money

I read about this somewhere else, and thought it was pretty ingenious.  Go to your bank, take out a few hundred or thousand dollars – perhaps $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills – get a stamp made that has your website name on it and maybe with some other information on it and STAMP the bills!  Then deposit again.  Someone will take that money, and your name will be all over it!

What else can you do?  Think out of the box!  Remember – the goal is to get more people to your site – to build traffic, what else can you do?  Think about it… I’ll give you one idea by way of image…

Think Outside Of The Box


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