Getting A Head Start


As I was going through some old posts, I realized that I’d left my efficiency tips several posts ago!  So let me get back on track with some new tips that I’ll share with you over the next few days.

Getting A Head Start

Starting the day off, especially when you run your own business — and it’s at home can be a difficult task.  At the end of the day, put together a to-do list of what you’d like to get done the next day.  Spending 10 or 15 minutes on this list will ensure that when you start your day you’re already focused insted of “stumbling” and deciding on what needs to be done.  The goal is to use your time wisely.

As you prepare your to-do list, use a day planner or other type of bound journal.  This way you have a permanent record of what you’ve worked on.  Sometimes great ideas come about by reviewing what you’ve done and noticing something that doesn’t fit quite right and developing the one product to make things right – make sense?

But getting a head start comes with somethings that need to be done first – that being, keeping your desk and work area clean so that at the end of the day your mind isn’t filled with random thoughts – but with a list of what needs to be tackled the next day and when you start your day you are greeted with a “clean slate”. 

Have a quick read of my post “How To Stay Organized” and then Getting A Head Start will make more sense.

As you write your to-do list, don’t worry about prioritizing the list right now.  Just write it down.  As you work through the list then look at those tasks that you just hate to do.  It may be writing blog posts for several days, or preparing your article submissions — and ensure that you complete these tasks first.  Get stuff you don’t like or that is tedious out of the way first, then you’ll enjoy getting to the rest of your to-do list.

Finally a few final points for you:

  1. Just DO IT!  Don’t waste time procastinating about what to do, and lounging around.  Do it, and get it done.  ACT!
  2. BE punctual – 98% of the people out there are always late.  Having an Asian/Indian background, whenever we went to visit anyone we always worked on “Indian Time” — which meant you had to be fashionably late.  However I always hated being late and would have preferred to be on time, all the time.  Going to work, I like to be early so that I can sit down and plan my day.  If I’ve got a meeting to attend, I tend to be there early.  Why be late?
  3. Start EARLY in the morning.  You would be amazed at how much work you can get done early in the morning.  I tend to start work around 6:00am — those first 2-3 hours are magic!  I can get 2x or 3x the work done in those first few hours than I can the rest of the day.  During the day, time vampires are out to suck my productivity; unfortunately due to the nature of business I am in it goes with the territory. 
  4. Close the door.  If you are working from home, and there are others in the house — when you’re working, close the door.  This will prevent interruptions and allow you to concentrate on getting the job done.
  5.  Think POSITIVE!  Finally start each task on your list on a positive note.  You will be surprised how much you will get done throughout the day when  you start each task on a positive note!

Giving yourself a head start will ensure that you complete the tasks that you’ve set for yourself for the day. 


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