Getting More Visitors To Your Website

Do you go through your log files? You should. Your log files will give you a lot of great information about who is finding your site, through which search engines and keywords.

But you can take that log file data one step further.

I had helped someone with some site optimization, and as part of the service I would review their log files for a period of three months and the provide feedback to them on the next step. The next step, of course is pretty easy – target the top phrases that are being used to find your site. Simple.

So one of the top phrases used to find their site has been “solar power panel kits“. Initially their site was found for this term but really lagging. By putting together several well written articles and submitting them to the top 5 – 10 article directories with specific anchor text they are now getting hundreds of visitors to their site daily for those keywords.

Do you review your log files? If you do not, or have not in some time you really should!


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