Getting Started To Make Money With Amazon aStore

Have you read Getting Started With Amazon yet?  In that post we introduced you to Amazon and talked about getting your own affiliate ID (or becoming an Amazon Associate) in order to place Amazon links on your site so that you can generate revenue from sales through your link.

As promised we’re going into using the Site Stripe to create your links, and setting up an aStore using Amazon tools.

Although we’ve also talked about Autoblogging – Automatic Content Creation For WordPress Blogs where we review WPZonBuilder which automates creating your Amazon links – if you don’t want to spend any money on tools just now you can use what Amazon provides to build your links and store.

Amazon Site Stripe

Amazon Site Stripe sits at the top of your page when you visit  There are several options available in the site stripe:

  • Hide
  • Link to page
  • Add to Widget
  • Add to aStore
  • Share on Twitter
  • Your Earnings Summary
  • Whats New
  • Discussion Board
  • Settings

We will focus on Link to Page.

Lets do a quick search on Amazon – we won’t select a department and will search for golf bag.  Several results are returned.  I selected this product, but you can select anyone that you wish.

On your Site Stripe, simply click on “Link to this page”.  If you are asked to “click here to build your link” – do so.

Once you do you’re taken to the same screen as we showed you in the previous post:

Select your options and in the bottom section, you’re shown the HTML code for the product.

Here is what the text link looks like:

Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

You’re done.

The nice thing doing it this way is that you get to see the full product information and then you can select the product for inclusion.  This method is ideal for when you’re reviewing individual products for your site – but not the best method to get many products onto your site.  That’s where the aStore come in.

Amazon aStore – what is an aStore?

aStore is a new Associates product that gives you the power to create a professional online store, in minutes and without the need for programming skills, that can be embedded within or linked to from your website.

Once you click on the button “Build an aStore Now” you’ll see the following – for now, we’ll skip over “Your aStore Settings” and jump right in.

Clicking on Add Category Page presents this:

Name your category, and select products – either by adding individual products (long) or add products by category – quickest.  You can click on Permalink to see what your aStore looks like so far.  Lets continue…

From here you can select the category, and go down in granularity until you find the specific items you would like to display.  I had selected golf clubs so in the end, this is what I came up with:

Though you don’t see it here, I did click on “Include all subcategories for this category” as I want to show all subcategories – however if your site is very niche specific you could focus only on Irons or Putters.  Remember the finer you get in your niche the more difficult it could become to sell.

Once you’ve selected your category and subcategories, click Save and you’re brought back to your control panel:

You can add more category pages to continue building your store.

To see what the store looks like so far, click on the Preview Store link at the bottom of the page.  Here is what our experimental Golf Clubs store looks like so far:

The next step will be to select the colors of your store, themes and much more.

There are quite a few customization options available:

  • Changing the theme
  • Background color
  • Header
  • Content background color
  • Body text
  • Link color
  • Enable rounded corners

You can name your store, display a header and a custom image as well.

Clicking NEXT (or continue) allows you to customize the sidebar and content of the store:

You need to work through the options available to see what you like best and what works the best.  It is trial and error, unless of course you can find another aStore out there on the web to see how it’s been configured.  Here is my aStore so far:

Once you’re done and satisfied with your Amazon aStore, click “Finish and Get Link” at the bottom of the page.  Once you’ve finished there is one last step – sending the world to your store.

There are three options available to you:

  • Simple link
  • Inline frame
  • Framset

Simple link is just that – a link to your aStore – check out the one we created through this tutorial – golf clubs.  Amazon does a good job of explaining the different link types available to you:

The only other one I can show you, directly on this page is the inline frame:

That’s all there is to creating your own Amazon aStore using the tools that Amazon provides to you.

If you have more questions, feel free to comment on this post and either Robert or I will answer them.

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