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You’ve probably noticed a few changes to the blog today.  I added a few extra columns (scroll waaaaay down to the bottom and you’ll see what I mean), plus I am working on monetizing the site.

I also added EntreCard and purchased a link over at  So here is some preliminary results on how much traffic both are getting me:

Internet Business

Links over at cost me like $0.15 plus another $1.00 to make it.  I purchased business and mo.  Mo redirects to and business redirects to

Granted 8 visitors isn’t a lot – but as word spread about the site, early adopters should see benefits – especially as the site increases its Google pagerank and more people learn about it.

Words are cheap $0.01 per letter.  So business cost me all of $0.08 and mo cost me a pretty $0.02 — total spent $0.10 plus $2.00 to make the words featured.  Not bad.

So 8 visitors at $2.10 is $.2625 per visitor – I’d say much less expensive that adwords or any other PPC campaign.

Now EntreCard was free to register and in about 1 day it’s brought in 28 more visitors to the site using text based cards not cool graphical buttons.  For for doing no work and getting 28 more visitors, I’d say the trade off was pretty good.

..anyway I’m on my way over to linkzi to buy more words!


Internet Business

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