How to Hire Professional Ghostwriters – Part 1


As you embark on your journey to untold millions, you’ll be doing a lot of work along the way.  Initially you probably start doing writing yourself – such as posting to your blog daily, researching topics and turning them into products or freebies that you may give away to gain more readers.

But eventually it will get too busy to do it all yourself, that’s when you’ll look at hiring VAs or virtual assistants.  You may even decide to run an intern program, like the one James Brausch runs.  Until then you’ll be looking at ghostwriters.

You can find them in many places, Elance is one of the better sites out there.  I’ve used Elance in the past and have been very happy with them. 

But how exactly do you hire a ghostwriter?  What do you pay them?  How do you evaluate them?

I’m putting together a series of blog postings, that will walk you through hiring a ghostwriter.  I hope that you will subscribe to my list and follow along.

Here is part 1.


What is a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters are basically writers for hire.  They work under the premise that whatever is produced, is done exclusively for you and that your name will be attached to the final product.  They are able to write single articles or a series of articles that could be turned into several blog posts, or articles to be used for submission to article directories.

They can even write long manuscripts, for e-books or other products that you may have in mind.

A ghostwriter is like hiring any type of resource, you will get what you pay for so the trick is knowing what you want, what your goals are for the project, what your timelines are and what is your budget. 

You want a ghost writer that is good – someone that will research the topic you want them to write about or someone that knows the topic well.  If you find someone whose niche is not the topic at hand, there is a good chance that you will get shoddy work.

Who uses ghostwriters?

You’d be surprised who doesn’t use ghostwriters.  Most internet marketers use ghostwriters, in fact James Brausch’ Friday protected post talked about ghostwriters you SHOULD NOT use on Elance!  Luckily I subscribe to his blog announcements list and I was given access to this fantastic list (in fact he has TWO great posts today, one on hiring human capital and his protected posts.  Have a look by clicking on the links provided.).

Ghostwriters can be the most effective, and effecient way to create articles and other manuscripts.  I’ve used ghostwriters in the past to write articles on a w-i-d-e range of topics.

Finding Ghostwriters

So where do you start looking?

I would start with Elance.  I mention them, because I’ve used them in the past with GREAT success and am most familiar with Elance – however the topics I’ll write about will apply to any service you decide to use.

You’re not limited to Elance though, there are many other methods you can also use — but I find that Elance is easy, safe and secure.  You also get ratings on writers you may be considering on hiring — which is a great bonus.  The other thing about Elance is once you’ve got one or several writers you like working with, you can continue to work exclusively with them!  You don’t need to put each project out to bid.

In the next post we’ll discuss how to choose a ghostwriter.  I’ll try to post on this topic every couple of days.  I will warn you right now though, once I get into the meaty sections I will probably password protect the entries!



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