Good Marketing Giveaways


We all know the value of giveaways.

In the old days, I’d subscribe to list after list after list to get the FREE stuff that they were offering.  Not to devalue the message that was being delivered — but the stuff was crap in most cases.  They were e-books that are still kicking around from 1999 (and yes, some of them STILL had the original date/time stamp on them!).

So what makes for a good giveaway?

Something that is going to add value to the person that is getting it.  If you’re asking them for your e-mail address, then you better be providing good value on your website OR in your e-mails to the user.  If you’re giving them something good then it may be the reason for them to stick around since you’ve provided quality.

If your market niche is violins – then something related to the niche would be beneficial.  Maybe you’ve worked out a joint venture with a bricks and mortar business and can offer a discount on a purchase?  That would be unique. 

Why not up what someone else is doing?  Everyone gives away e-books.  The key is the quality of the product.  If it is something fresh, and new then it will get gobbled up.  But why not try something like a CD?  Maybe a DVD?  If you are offering a giveaway, offer something that is of low cost to you but of high value to the people you’re giving it away to.

I remember a few months ago, Telus (our local phone company and wireless provider) was giving away “something”.  The representative gave you a magnet with a number on the back.  You took it to the Telus store, spoke with their rep (you couldn’t help but speak to someone if you wanted to get your freebie) and they checked the number and you got something.  That something was a mouse pad with some cute fish on it.  My kid loved it.  Most people who I saw in the mall that day, all had kids with one of these mouse pads in their hand.  BIG bright smiling faces.  Parents were happy, kids were happy.  That giveaway worked.  That mouse pad will be looked at every day by the kids, and their parents.  Next time they want a cell phone, I bet you Telus will pop in their heads first before any other carrier in the area.

Many giveaways, no matter what business yo are in needs to what it is you are doing, this makes the giveaway relavent to the individual.  Why give them tips on parenting if your website is about car racing?  However if your website is about teaching children basic school concepts, then perhaps tips on parenting to get your child to STUDY is a valuable bonus.

If your giveaway is good, then that person will tell their friends who are in the same situation.  This will result in more people visiting your website and purchasing your products and considering you an authority on the topic.

But you need to be cautious with what you are giving away.

Suppose you currently market a product and it sells for $50 and you all of a sudden start giving it away.

Not only have you diminished the value of the product, but you’ll have upset those people along the way that purchased it.  I was in this boat years ago.  I spent $50 on a product, that I later got free.  I then found out that if I had provided this site a link from my site, they would give me the same product for free and I could then sell it or give it away like they had.  What a ripoff.

At the same time, you don’t want to give away a product that has a high perceived value or that can not be found elsewhere for free.  Again it diminishes the value of the product and may even do the same for your message. 

Giveaways are great tool for marketing and building your list, and you should think about what you can give away that your visitors would consider as being valuable to them.



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