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As of March 1, 2008, AOL will no longer support or develop Netscape Navigator. 

Do you remember Navigator?  It was once the dominant browser, but then MS came along and decided that owning the browser market meant that they could set the standards for HTML.

Boy – were they ever wrong.  While they have pull in determining standards, it’s the USERS that have taken over and really are deciding what the standards should be.

I remember suring the web before there were browsers.  I remember surfing (if you want to call it that) the text based web!  I remember BBS’es — do you remember those systems?  I ran one for years when living in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and participated in many other BBS’es as well.

I remember using Navigator the first time and was awed by it!

But they just couldn’t keep up.  Microsoft had billions of dollars behind them and built (at that time) a much better browser.

Today the landscape has changed.  Although Microsoft IE is a dominant browser, FireFox and others are catching up and eroding MS share of the browser market.

According to my web stats, 75% of my visitors use IE and the othe 25% use FireFox, Opera, Netscape or one of the other browsers out there.

I found this website: and they have broken down browser marketshare.  Check out the full graph and corresponding information on their site.  However here is a quick clip of the graph on their site:

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Microsoft is definately the dominant browser out there, but FireFox is making big gains.  Will they ever outpace Microsoft?  Only time will tell…

Anyway — goodbye Netscape, we used you, we love you, we hated you because you couldn’t keep up but you helped make the net what it is today.


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