Google (and the world) Celebrates Pacman

Google celebrates Pac-Man.  Visit Google ( / etc.,) to see this… and if you didn’t figure it out – IT IS PLAYABLE!

Click on INSERT COIN and Google will do a search for you for “PAC-MAN 30th Anniversary”.

In case you don’t know, Pac-Man was released 30 years ago this week in Japan (released May 22,1980 in Japan by NAMCO).  Pac-Man became a phenomenon with its own TV show, music (think Pac-Man Fever) and countless paraphanelia (think bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, wallpaper — you name it).

Pac-Man also saw the birth of Ms. Pacman — another awesome game — plus many other spinoffs on Pac-Man (like Pac-Man Jr., 3D Pac-Man).

I remember fondly dropping quarter, after quarter into -Mand Ms. Pac-Man on standup machines and tabletop, sit down machines.

Wikipedia has a great write up on Pac-Man.

Who would have thought that a little yellow disc would be so well remembered 30 years later?

One of the 80′s games that I remember fondly, and search out from time-to-time when I’m feeling a little retro for days gone by.

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