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Have you ever looked for the right font, but were at a loss to find one?  Are you 100% sure that the font you are using is NOT commercial?  

Did you know that Google offers-up over 500 fonts FOR FREE? I didn’t until I found this post at (found that post after someone left a spammy comment pointing back to their website).

The Google Web Fonts page is pretty cool!  They list over 500 fonts (OK 521 to be exact) for you to choose from.

You can view fonts to see how they will appear as a word, sentence, paragraph and on a poster.

You can change the preview text, the font size and even sort by trending fonts, popularity or the date added among others.

Move over to how the fonts appear on the poster, and you’ve got one more option to choose from such as appearance (from normal to a Googleized version of the font or perhaps neon).

Want to know how a font may impact your website?  While on Sentence, Word or Paragraph click on Quick-Use and Google even tells you how that font will affect page load. Google really loves you.

Google even provides access to new fonts via the Early Access Fonts page found on the same site and selectable from links along the top of the page.

There are hundreds of FREE, OPEN SOURCE fonts for the web and optimized for the web.  I really like the 105 types of free cursive script handwriting fonts.

Halloween just around the corner, here is a great font you could use (Creepster).


Google even gives you the code you need to use the fonts on your site.

Check out all the free fonts every designer should have over at Google Fonts.

If you want to take your free web fonts to the next level, and have some prowess with using CSS, API’s and such then check out this page -

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