Great Blogging Tips


NumbersHere are great blogging tips for you:

When you are blogging, write as if you are writing a book – not a diary.  You are not writing random thoughts to your business blog — but each post is geared towards marketing yourself, your products and your services.

As you make each blog entry PROMOTE it!  If you are capturing e-mail addresses — then alert your subscriber base when you post a new entry to your blog.  They will appreciate you for it!

You should also link to others.  As the other blog gets visitors from your site, the site owner will wonder where the visitors are coming from – when they see it is your site they will be inclined to link back to you. 

Comment on other bloggers sites.  If they are in the same marketplace as you are, and there is interesting information on their blog COMMENT on the posts!  Although it may not result in a SE finding their way to your site (due to the NOFOLLOW) your post will at least contain a link back to your website and people DO READ comments.

Involve your commentators.  Engage them, make them feel welcome and appreciate their feedback.  Don’t just approve the comment and forget about them.  People that comment means that the are paying attention to you.  Would you ignore a guest that you’ve invited over for dinner?  No, I didn’t think you would.

Be BOLD – add a little SIZZLE to your posts!  Richard Lee says it really well in his post How Controversy Works.  Don’t be scared to ruffle feathers – even when someone torches you they are probably going to link to your site.

Make it easy for people to comment.  I made a bad faux paus.  I forced people (like you) to register before they could post. When I saw nobody posting comments, I disabled that “feature”.  Do you make it easy for people to comment on your blog?



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