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I picked up the February 2008 issue of Entrepreneur magazine a couple of days ago.  My wife and I had an hour to spare while our son was taking Arabic classes (he seems to pick-up languages quite easily, so we’ve started home schooling him in French also and hope to have him learn Cantonese once he’s in school) so we headed to the Shoppers Drug Mart and I headed straight for the magazine racks.

The latest Entrepreneur was sitting on the shelf.  I liked the headline, which is what drove me to picking it up as I’d normally pick up the BC Business magazine instead.

The headline in BIG, HUGE LETTERS was:



If you don’t know who they were talking about – where have you been?!

They were talking about Jay Conrad Levinson and Jeannie Levinson.  Jay pioneered Guerrilla Marketing back in 1983.  They also run a blog which some fantastic information on it – you should check it out, it is highly recommended.

The article talks about “The 7-Sentence Marketing Plan” and provides quite a bit of detail into each of the 7 items.

As I was reading the article, something really stuck out — yes the ideas he presents are fantastic, but let me quote an item from the 1st sentence (the first sentence tells the purpose of your marketing):

“What precisely is the outcome you want from your marketing?  Begin by reating SMART goals: sensible, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound (must be accomplished before a specified deadline).  For example, maybe you want to develop 50 new leads by June 3, generate 1,000 web hits a day or cultivate 10 new clients in the next three months.”

I seem to remember talking about Setting SMART Goals on a recent post – did you read it?  Now that Jay has suggested setting SMART goals do you still think it’s all fluff?

Here are the 7 Sentences that you need to consider when when defining your marketing plan:

  1. Purpose of your marketing.

  2. Your competetive advantage.

  3. Describes your target audience.

  4. What marketing weapons you will use.

  5. Explains your niche in the marketplace.

  6. Tells your identity.

  7. Sets your marketing budget as a percentage of your projected gross sales. 

The article really presents the ideas very well, and provided me with many more ideas on how I can effectively market my blog and eventually my products and services.  I am certain that you will also get ideas once you have read the article.

The article can be found here:  It’s worth the read.



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