Gurus Are At It… Again or Did It Ever Stop???

For the last few weeks, we started getting bombarded by a guru that we could have sworn we unsubscribed from – guess not.  But they were flogging yet another “build a massive e-mail list for free” scheme/program/process.

Naturally we were interested to find out exactly what this was. So we clicked on the link (which logged some cookies – deleted those) and were brought to a video that basically talked about mixing off-line marketing with on-line.  What was this?  Basically sending out a card to someone from an list, having them respond and then selling that information to someone else.  You build your list and pass the names to someone else for money so recover your cost.


It’s been done.  Many marketers were talking about this OVER 10 years ago.  Nothing new, but this marketer who had been bombarding us with these e-mails thought he had discovered the secret to making endless amounts of money.

To make matters worse we’d get follow-up messages every day or to like “xxx frankly I’m puzzled why you haven’t jumped at the chance to make [gazillions] of dollars with our 10 year old system” and “really this is your last chance to buy into this process at this cost”.  Only to receive an e-mail a few days later that says “oh wait, since you didn’t get a chance to buy into this because our server crashed we’ll let you get into it for the same price”. 

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

One of the subject lines was actually “It pays to be my friend…” (so many use that line) — sure, so you can bombard us with “money saving offers”.  Guh.

We unsubscribed to that list also.  What a maroon.

So this leads me into another topic.  When making money on the internet was a hot topic (yah, we know it still is) a lot of marketers justified their products or subscription based services by comparing it to something else.

So the first few products were compared to the cost of socks (I kid you not), then they were compared to the cost of a fast-food meal.  Today I got one that compared 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (or some ludicrous number) of PLR articles to the cost of a PIZZA.

What next?  A supercar?

I’ve seen e-mails that compared the cost of a product to gourmet coffee, and even date nights.


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