Handba.gs – What Is It Worth?

So I’ve had this domain since January 2006 and it is registered until January 2013 and I’ve not done alot with it.  I did have grand ideas for this domain, but very little time to put into it.

This, I feel is a, premium domain name – HANDBA.GS - capture the luxury end of the market with a premium domain name.  Imagine the possibilities!

- luxury.handba.gs
- louis_vuitton.handba.gs
- chanel.handba.gs
- hermes.handba.gs
- lulu_guinness.handba.gs
- ferragamo.handba.gs
- custom.handba.gs
- designer.handba.gs

This domain has worldwide appeal.

What do you think it’s worth?  No, the winner won’t get it but I am considering selling it and have been told by someone that I should be able to get several hundred thousand for it — of course, whoever buys it would need to develop it aaaaand only a few companies or individuals could afford to pay that much for a domain name, like maybe the designer handbag sellers like Lous Vuitton, Hermes…

“In 2004, luxury brands sold $11.7 billion worth of handbags and other leather accessories, and the segment is getting still stronger. While the luxury market grew by 1.2% each year from 2001 to 2004, leather-goods sales increased by 7.5% each year. A large share of those sales are “It” bags: the latest hot designs that – thanks to luxury-brand advertising campaigns and fashion-magazine articles – become the must-have of the season. Recent “It” bags include the Louis Vuitton Murakami, with the signature monogram stamped in rainbow tones on white leather, and the Gucci Flora, a pretty floral print taken from a scarf originally designed by the house for Princess Grace of Monaco in the 1960s.”

The Luxury Institute had a few things to say about Chinese High Net-Worth Individuals on their blog post – http://blog.luxuryinstitute.com/?p=265.  Another interesting series of posts in their handbag category – http://blog.luxuryinstitute.com/?cat=17.

So what do you think?  Is this worth $$$,$$$.$$ or am I dreaming?  Should I develop it?


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