Have You Already Done Your Best Work?

Interview QuestionsAmong my many responsibilities as a Director of Customer Service is that I’m in charge of HR.  I am responsible to hire, terminate, promote or demote.  I also interview many candidates for positions that are available within my department.

I have a lot of “trick” questions.  I’ll share a few with you then head into my main points with this post.

- If you were an animal, what animal would that be and why?

- How would you react if I told you your interview so far was terrible?

- What can you do for us that someone else cannot do?

But my best trick question is this: Have You Already Done The Best Work You Are Capable Of?

You will not believe the responses I get on this.  Basically there are only two responses you can give… well, maybe three.

It’s either:

  • Yes, I have already done my best work (pretty damn cocky if you say this)
  • No, I have not done my best work (hmmm… so what you’ve done is crap so far?)
  • Combination of both and add – the best is yet to come

How do you think most people answer that question?  It’s almost always either Yes or No.  But the right answer is providing a combination of the both.  I’m not here to teach you how to score an A on your next interview – but this simple question can be applied to your professional, and personal life.

If it is your goal to work a 9-5 job (and there is NOTHING wrong with that, contrary to what a lot of bloggers say) then are you doing your best work possible?  Or are you coasting?  If you’re coasting then I hope you realize that you will stay where you are and never get ahead.  Your job will always suck and will suck more and more each day and your pay will stagnate.  You will never be called upon to take on more challenging tasks, unless someone feels some pity for you and thinks maybe you’ll improve — but more often than not, those pity fcuks are short-lived and you’ll eventually get fired — OR WORSE — ignored in your company.

There is nothing worse than being ignored.

How about in your blogging?  Or in building your internet marketing business?  Are you doing the best work you are capable of?  Why not?  You need to treat your blogging, or your internet marketing business like any other opportunity.  Do a shitty job of it and people will ignore you.  Do a good job, and you will get recognized for your talents and will gain the respect of other bloggers.

When you post on topics that you are not an expert in, are you doing at least some research to ensure that you understand the topic?  Are you writing with a passion?  Or are you writing for the sake of it?  If there isn’t a passion then it will show in your work.

Think back to your early years, when you worked on school projects in a team or independently.  Do you remember the passion you had?  How you wanted to make sure your project was the best?  I see my son approach his school work with this enthusiasm and it revitalizes me.  He genuinely wants to do well, so he works hard.  He is the same way at play, whether he’s playing with his Legos or other building toys.  He wants to show off his best work to his mom and dad.  Each new creation is better than the last one, his best work has yet to come.

You need to approach your life in the same manner.  Whether you decide to go down the 9-5 route, do the best that you can do!  Show your team, colleagues and managers that you have what it takes to get the job done.  Use the same vigor in your online business, or your blogging — show the world what you’re made of.

…by the way, the correct answer to this question (should you ever get it on an interview) is this:

“No, I believe that my best work is still ahead of me.  I am confident in my previous work and tasks, I’ve always performed them to the best of my abilities.  Had I not, then I would never have been considered for more complex tasks and greater responsibilities.  But as I learn more from the people around me, I know that the quality of my work will improve.”

So now let me ask you this – “Have You Already Done The Best Work You Are Capable Of?

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