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Being a bachelor for the next two months is quite a job.  See, I’ve never lived by myself.  My family is from Uganda (East Africa) and our ancestry is Indian so we’ve grown up with several cultural biases.  One of which is that in most cases kids live at home until they are married (and in some cases even after they are married).  So I’ve never had a chance to learn how to cook.

Whenever my wife travelled, she would cook enough for me and freeze it – or I could go to my parents house.  How convenient! 

But now living in a different province, home is not so close – and I don’t really wouldn’t want to go home anyways.  Independence is great!  So what’s a single guy to do?  Oh sure, I could buy those Hungry Man dinners or pick and choose from rows of frozen food in the grocery store – but I’m vegetarian, and much of that is a no-no for me.

Eating out isn’t an option as it gets expensive ($10 – breakfast; $10-$15 lunch; $15+ dinner) – so I started searching for “how to” sites to show me how to make some decent food.

I did not want a recipe book.  I have lots of those, and whatever I make never turns out like the picture.  I’ve thrown away A LOT of rice over the last few weeks.

So I found a site called Expert Village.  Expert Village has over 110,000 videos and 7,700 experts in a wide range of topics.  Suppose you’ve wanted to learn how to make Traditional Challah Bread – look no further!  There is a video to show you exactly how.

Want to learn how to wax your eyebrows so you don’t look like a neanderthal?  Yup – they have it – Eyebrow Waxing: Hair Removal Tips For Home Spa TreatmentI’ll show that one to my wife.

Update – whoops, just re-read that and I better qualify what I mean.  My wife does not look like a neanderthal.  My intention was a guy thing – you know, save money and all that.  ;-)

But they have a lot of useful videos as well.  I’m trying to teach my son some of the basics of soccer and found some great videos:

My favorite was How To Boil An Egg.  I searched for “how to boil water” – nothing.

Videos are broken down into categories:

Expert Village

So you can quickly zero into the category you want to learn more about, and see all the related videos.

Another great feature is the ability to view the experts:

Expert Village

Beneath each expert is a list of videos/areas that they have produced videos for.

As with any video site, you have the ability to view Most Viewed Videos, Top Rated Videos and Most Recent Videos.  I clicked on Top Rated Videos:

Expert Village

I thought it was kinda humorous that the second video is “How to Iron the Left Side of a Dress Shirt” – talk about a niche topic!!!  But that one will come in handy!

Expert Village bills themselves as the “Worlds Largest How To Video Site”

Expert Village

Overall I found the site useful, there is some great information there which I know will come in handy… to me at least for the next few months.

Found some information on Expert Village on CrunchBase:

Expert Village is a user-generated instructional video site. Owned by parent company Demand Media, Expert Village has recently surpassed 50,000 how-to videos through its platform that connects freelance filmmakers and videographers with specific production assignments.

In essence, Expert Village operates by presenting “assignments” for experts; these are based on topics that are the most searched for on the web. After the experts create a how-to video, Expert Village purchases the rights from the video’s creators. The diversity of instructional videos is quite evident as soon as you enter the site. How-to videos range from eyebrow-waxing, checking automobile batteries for corrosion, to baking tradition Challah bread for example.

There are a slew of competitors in the crowded instructional video market: 5min, eHow, Sclipo, SuTree, Instructables, and VideoJug.

Link to the full page on CrunchBase is here.

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