How To Create Niche Websites

It’s been a while.  Rob and I have both been pretty busy with life, but are slowly finding some time to spend on the blog.  Wanted to briefly talk to you about creating niche sites.

So years ago I had developed a high customizable AdSense page generator.  It did just that, but it did it pretty well but the problem was that you had to create hundreds and thousands of sites to make any money off of AdSense.  As well page generators slowly fell out of favor due to the fact that you could never tell them apart — the footprint effect.

Then there was the fact that eventually these types of sites also fell out of favor with the search engines and all of a sudden you had hundreds of domains that were useless.  You couldn’t even sell the sites!  Now hopefully by then you had recouped any of your investment and came out ahead – so purging hundreds of domains was no big deal.

Creating these types of sites was very much like putting all your eggs into one HUGE basket and having a 10,000 pound gorilla come sit on them.  Devastating.  Your income could go from thousands of dollars per month down to ZILCH.

We’ve experienced this as well.  Some time ago we had created an “auto” site that focused on the “i” series of items.  It was doing great!  Absolutely ZERO work and we were generating at minimum $30 – $50 per day.  In addition to AdSense we were bringing in money from various other affiliate programs, like Amazon and even doing decent on private ad placements.

But one day that 10,000 pound gorilla came into the room and we saw our traffic go from 8-10,000 visitors per day slowly dwindle to a few hundred and eventually 0.  We lost private ad placements, our AdSense income for this site went from around $1,000/mo down to nothing.

Talk about getting slapped.  Hard.  It still hurts.

What you need to do is develop niche sites for longevity and possibly to sell off when you’re done with them.

We recently found a great site called Smart Passive Income that did a duel with several other internet marketers where they challenged each other to building a niche site to score in the top of Google for highly competitive terms, and income.  They showed you every step of the way.  The posts are awesome!  You really should check the posts out at Niche Site Duel.  Many of the techniques that they’ve presented are identical to how we generate our niche sites – except when we tried using shortcuts using our page generator.  Also check out his one year update post to see how the site has done.  Awesome!

See the nice thing with creating a niche website that you pull to a top position in Google, Bing or Yahoo is that at some point you could potentially sell that site for much more money.  Alternatively if you are not putting in any additional effort on the site, it can continue to generate a nice passive income.

Creating niche websites, and turning them into authority websites isn’t difficult.  It takes a bit of time (from 2-3 months) and then potentially 4-6 months after that for the site to start generating some good revenue (say more than $300 – $500 per month).

Don’t look only at AdSense.  Thing BIG.  Think about other affiliate programs, private ad placements and even CPA advertising.

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