Create your first information product


Your goal with your internet business is ???

Regardless of what that goal is you need to have something to sell first.  ALL the internet marketers out there sell something.  Some sell products geared towards other internet marketers or internet businesses and others sell “generic” consumer products like “How To” guides on a wide variety of topics.  The key is that you need to sell something that will appeal to your readers.

That product could be internet marketing related, or a consumer related product — but if it doesn’t appeal to anyone chances are you won’t get many sales.

So what’s the first step in creating your own product?

  1. Put together a list of things you know.  You’d be surprised about what you know – make it as long as possible, there will be something in that list that will intrigue you and quite possibly someone else.
  2. Market research.  Don’t build a better mousetrap if there is no need!  Do your research.  It shouldn’t take you a lot of time.

There are a total of 14 different steps that I’ve watched that were put together by James Brausch.

You could simply buy his product, called INFOPRODCREATION (that link is an affiliate link) or click on this link INFOPRODCREATION that does not contain an affiliate link.  The product is really inexpensive and I recommend it!

There are a total of 14 videos that James has put together that go over just how to create your first information product.  A well designed and thought out product, with a good sales page that has been optimized for the search engines will sell for months and years!



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