How To Embed Videos In Your WordPress Blog


Adding videos to your WordPress blog is easy.

In fact, it is SO EASY that I put together a quick YouTube video showing you how.

This video shows you from A to Z, how to record your video using an application YouTube Videocalled Camtasia.  How to convert the video to a format that is acceptable to YouTube, and how to upload the video to YouTube. 

I show you which plugin you simply must have in order to quickly and easily display the video to your users. 

I’ll show you where to download the plugin from, how to install it and configure it and will show you the plugin in action — that is, how to add your recently uploaded video to YouTube also appear on your post.

Now why would you want to upload videos to YouTube?  Why not just upload them to your server?

  1. Viral videos
  2. Space & bandwidth

If your video is GOOD, word will spread and it becomes viral or atleast A LOT of people view the video.

Why host the video on your site and suck up bandwidth?  Let YouTube use up their bandwidth hosting your videos.

I do apologize in advance for how grainy the video is.  When it was recorded, it was much cleaner.  Here is the video…

Here is the link to the video on YouTube

In the next couple of days, I’ll post a video showing you how to upload your video to YouTube!


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