How to Hire Professional Ghostwriters – Part 2 [sidebar]


Have you read Part 1 yet?  If not, do so.  It provides an introduction to Hiring Professional Ghostwriters.  I’ve created a master page linking to the posts “Hiring Professional Ghostwriters to Grow your Internet Business“ as well so that you can get to each part quickly, and easily.

Lets get going…

An Introduction to Elance

This is a bit of a sidebar before we go into the regular series of articles.  As I mentioned previously, I am most familiar with Elance as I’ve used it successfully in the past.

Elance is one of the original, and larget marketplaces to hire virtually anyone – from ghostwriters to software developers, virtual assistants and more!  They are a major source of resources for anything that can be outsourced.

Elance for your Internet Business

When you reach their homepage, you’ll see a list of categories.  These are only high-level categories, within each category are subcategories.

Elance for your Internet Business

Here under “Writing & Translation Professionals” are several sub-categories:

  • Article Writing
  • Web Content
  • E-book and Blogs
  • Copywriting
  • Ghost Writing
  • Translation
  • Edit & Proofread
  • Other

With so many categories – where do you start?  We’ll get into that as we progress into this tutorial.  In this part, we’re providing a quick introduction to Elance. 

What I like is that as you mouse-over each sub-category you see the most active professionals in that category.  If you were to click on any of the categories you’ll be greeted with another page:

Elance for your Internet Business

From here you can refine your results using the sliders, or you could browse through the 425 entries in this particular category – not always the easiest method.

If you click on a service provider, you will see:

Elance for your Internet Business

This is only a small snippet of the information available for this particular provider.

It is probably worth your while to spend some time, and look around Elance to become familiar with it.  In future sidebars, I’ll go into setting up your account, how to advertise your project and more!

Here is a link to a short video by Timothy Ferriss, the author of “The 4-Hour Workweek”

The video describes how Elance works. I had pasted the actual video into the post, and tested – but for some reason it is not being displayed. My apologies!



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