How to Increase Twitter Followers and Make You More Attractive to Follow

If you are new to Twitter, or you are not getting much followers, this simple guide is right for you. Your page seems blank, and you don’t know where to start, don’t panic. First thing you need to do is to find people.

When you are signed in to your Twitter account, go to the search textbox in the upper right hand corner.
Lets say your blog is about iPhone apps. You can type in “iPhone app” in the search box. Then you will find other Tweeters (people on that are also talking about iPhone apps. Click on their username to get to their Twitter page. When you are on their Twitter page, there is a Follow button right underneath their photo. Now you are following the person, and the person will have a notification in their Followers list that you are following that person. Not everyone will follow you back just because you are following them. Some Tweeters will follow you back regardless whether or not they know you.

If you have been on Twitter for awhile, but not getting many followers, there are a few things that you can do to improve the amount of followers. Are you following some Tweeters who seem to be bots? For example, Tweeters who make posts every 5 minutes about “Make thousands of dollars part-time with no experience necessary. Go to (link)”. You need to remove them. Most likely these bots are not following you back because they are not human. When you are following a lot more people than you have people following you, that does not look attractive at all to people who might decide to follow you. For example, you are following 30,000 Tweeters, but only 500 people are following you. It is time for you to remove some of the Tweeters you are following. Go on your Twitter main page, and you should see on the upper right hand corner: Following / Followers / Updates. Click on Following, and now you see bunch of Tweeter users that you are following. The ones that have a “Direct Message” are also following you. The ones that don’t have “Direct Message” means they are not following you. The list of people are organized based on most recently added to last. You don’t want to remove the recently added people who didn’t follow you because you have to give people time. Not everyone checks Twitter often. Down at the bottom is a Next button. Just keep hitting next. You will start to see people that you have added a while back. Start removing the people who have not contributed much to the community, spammers, or didn’t follow you back. Don’t remove professional bloggers. Even if they don’t follow you, they have very good informative posts that you should pay attention to. Learn from them!

Another way to increase your followers is to post useful messages in your main page. Post in the text box that says, “What are you doing?”. You should post on there often, but make sure it is informative. When people use the Search, people can find you with keywords that they typed into the search box if your posts have the relevant keywords. If people can learn from your posts, you will definitely see an increase in followers. Do not be a spammer just to advertise a link to your website. Be helpful, and people will thank you. - How To Increase Blog Traffic – Learn SEO, social networking, traffic tips and tricks free.

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