I Hate My WordPress Theme! Yuck!!


So I’ve been surfing the web for the last week looking for the “ideal” WordPress theme because I really, really, really don’t like my theme.  It’s too “blah” — not enough color.  I love color, but nothing over the top!  Have I ever mentioned that in my young days when I had LOTSA hair, I used to have a blue mohawk??  No…ok, we’ll leave that story for another time…

So what to do?

I could get a custom wordpress theme made, but they can get expensive and at this point I’m not into spending $500 or more for a custom theme.

So what else can I do?

Well the solution is make my own theme!  But where to start?

I’m a software developer and can reverse engineer just about anything to figure out what makes it tick.  So there are a couple of options:

  1. Find a theme that I like, analyze it and add my own touches to it.
  2. Hire someone.
  3. Build it from scratch.

All three will take time.  I’ll learn a lot from the first option.

On the second option, I’ll be tied to the company that creates it unless I get all the images in a format I can work with.

Third option is the best. 

I found a set of slightly old posts over at CypherHackz.net that teach you how to create your own WordPress themes – http://www.cypherhackz.net/archives/2006/12/13/make-your-own-wordpress-theme-part-1/.  Fantastic!  Just what I was looking for.

If you’re technically inclined and want to do something challenging (by the way, my son tells me that his Montessori teacher tells him he has to do something challenging every day – so that’s your challenge as well) try developing your own theme.

Why would you want to do this?

Fame?  Fortune?

Nah… LINKBACKS!  You see most “free” themes require the person using it to leave the link back to the site that created the theme.  Although there is nothing from stopping you, or anyone else from simply deleting the linback most people don’t.

Can you imagine how many links you could get to your site if you create a rockin’ theme, upload it to the dozens and dozens of free WordPress theme sites out there and each gets 100 or 200 downloads?  I’ve seen crappy themes get hundreds of downloads!  Push out something of quality and you’ll be drooling in linkbacks from potentially hundreds of sites.

Of course you could just commission some themes for yourself by using RentACoder or eLance…

Hey… did you figure out that this was a traffic generating “secret”?



P.S.  I don’t really hate my theme… it’s just time for a new one.  Do you have any recommendations?  I really like the theme over at John Chow dot Com (http://www.johnchow.com).

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