Importance of Customer Service


As you may know, I am a Director of Operations for the company I work at (yes JOB).  Part of my responsibilities are to manage Customer Service.  While CS always gets overlooked, and seems to be “down trodden” it serves an pivotal role in the company.

Consider if the VP of Business Development, or Business Development Managers, or IT or IT Operations were handling Customer Service.  Would they get anything done?  Ever?

No – they would be too busy handling customer service issues.

Why do most major companies have customer service departments?  To free up their senior management team to focus on the important part of the business – GROWING IT.

I found a great post on James Brauschs’ website, it was actually pointing to another fellow by the name of Frank Haywood.  He’s discovered how important it is to provide customer service AND NOT be doing it all yourself.

Have a read of his informative post, I think you will agree with him.



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