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Yesterday we looked at getting your message through and touched on copywriting.  Today we’ll cover whether to use a third-party provider or do it all in house.

EMail MarketingDo you currently run your e-mail campaigns “in house” – meaning using your Yahoo account (or other free e-mail account).  Do you use your domain?  Or do you make use of e-mail marketing services like AWeber (I am not recommending AWeber or any service, and only use names as examples) or the other quality companies out there?

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a third-party e-mail marketing service.

  1. E-Mail marketing companies are usually “approved” as bulk-mailers.  Meaning services like SpamCop, SpamArrest and others will not flag messages coming from legitimate e-mail marketing companies as “spam”.  This also ensures that a higher number of e-mails get delivered.
  2. These companies will follow professional mailing practices.  Meaning they will make use of double opt-in, and provide unsubscribe links.  They will take care other little things like ensuring that your list of 1,000 people DO NOT show up on the CC list (a big no-no).  The will also provide newsletters, hints and tips to ensuring that your e-mails go through and get read!
  3. They provide the list hosting, and the list management services including things like providing statistics on the number of messages sent, how many were delivered and how many may have been read or how many had links clicked.  Important information that is needed to guage the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  4. You don’t need to be technically savvy, nor do you need to build the infrastructure needed to develop your own in-house service.  The marketing company take care of all these details for you.
  5. Their application handles all the formatting.  Whether the e-mails are text or HTML.  They are configured so that they look good on the users screen.  This allows you to create good looking e-mails.  They provide the tools necessary to create stunning, eye-catching e-mails that are rich.
  6. Marketing companies depend on you, so they keep their tools up-to-date providing frequent updates and enhancements.  They enable you to stay on the cutting edge, since their existence depends on staying ahead of the curve.
  7. COMPLY WITH E-MAIL LAWS.  You’ve heard that “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.  This is a good reason to consider a e-mail marketing service.  They stay on top of the laws, so you don’t need to.  Do you know all about the U.S. CAN SPAM law?

Here is a list of well known companies – please note, that I am not promoting any via affiliate links.


These are four that I am familiar with.  When I did a search on Google for email marketing, I was greeted with 77,000,000 results!

Some resources for you:

  1. Here is another article I found on WikiPedia –
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