Innovation Arrested

Here is a rheorical question for you – why does it take bad news for car manufacturers to innovate their products?

Now I know I’m a tech junkie – I love my gadgets, and simply can’t and won’t do without them so bear with me.

But seriously, car manufacturers have been turning out horrid, absolutely disgusting automobiles.  The interior esthetics are just so crappy!  They all use the same default analog dials – nothing has changed in probably 100 years!!!

Come on – it’s the 21st century; lets get with it!  There are so many tech enhancements out there that car manufacturers could have implemented some and really taken a lead and innovated above and beyond thereby introducing more people to technology.

Take for example BlueTooth integration.  You can’t honestly tell me that it costs $1,500 per vehicle to integrate BlueTooth into it!  Yet that’s what some manufacturers charge for this upgrade.  A BlueTooth headset is worth around $100.00 for something good.  Make this standard and you’d get more people making use of the technology that might actually make the roads a bit safer since it doesn’t appear that people are willing to give up their cell phones anytime soon.

And how about those ugly dashboards?!  Yes, I understand the need to keep them bulky – but can’t they atleast be made more attractive?  Maybe slimmed down a bit so that there is more space?

Here is an article from BusinessWeek about FORD trying to innovate – huh, it only took a downturn in the economy and the thought of bankruptcy and failure to innovate.  GET OUT OF YOUR FRIGGIN SHELLS!

Shown above is a prototype dashboard concept for Fords slew of Green Vehicles that are due out by 2012.  They actually went to a real design firm to have a professional do work for them.  Now doesn’t that look better than the crap all manufacturers give us?

The Honda Insight Hybrid, to be release in 2010 takes design (in my opinion) a HUGE step further by redefining the cockpit of the vehicle making it look more appealing and futuristic.  While the exteriors are designed for aerodynamics so very little can (or should be done to detract from that goal) be touched, the interior is a little nicer – but why not look at other materials instead of carpet?

Here is the link to the Honda website –

I can tell you, having lived in Edmonton, AB where we get LOTS of snow your carpet quickly gets wet and sloshy and most of all DIRTY.  Now living in BC where we get LOTS of rain, I’m in the same boat.  I’d love to get rid of the carpet and use some othe type of non-slip material that can be cleaned easily.  Yes the carpet is nice, but come on – in a car where the primary purpose is to get from A to B and which can have kids along with food in it – do you really need carpet?  You need DURABILITY.

But I’ve read about other concept cars, and the different types of interiors (specifically seating surfaces, and carpeting) where they’ve done away with the norm and used alternative materials for carpets – like bamboo!

Anyway – that’s my spiel…


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