Internet Business Blog Carnival – Edition 19

We are back with Edition 19 of the Internet Business Blog Carnival.  This week there are some FANTASTIC posts that you simply must read.  Our Blog Carnival Picks are back, minus the podcast.  We visited all the sites in this weeks edition, and found that there are a few that really stand out.

There are a few newcomers, but one that keeps coming up over and over again is Caroline Middlebrook.  I will definately be featuring Caroline in an upcoming Skribit Files (where we last did a review of Flimjos’ site).  Caroline – if you’re listening/reading – we wanna feature you and are hoping to get some of your time to do an interview!

We’re going to get prepared to review Carolines’ site and prepare some questions for an interview with Caroline and will feature her later this summer/fall.

Now without further delay, here are our Blog Carnival Picks along with the rest of the submissions for Edition 19 of the Internet Business Blog Carnival.

Mo ‘n Robs Blog Carnival Picks

The rest of the submissions for Edition 19 of the Internet Business Blog Carnival…

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