Internet Business Blog Carnival – Edition 20

These editions are growing faster than I am!  Seriously though… we’ve got some great information for you this week.  It’s actually good to see the number of submissions drop off.  This is probably happening for a couple of reasons – vacations, good weather, laziness, “they” know that ”we” won’t publish their crap.

…and trust me, some people submit real crap.  Others like to submit, and love the link to their site but do not approve the trackback — which helps this site out.  If the trackback isn’t approved, sorry – we will delete the submission.

Mo ‘n Robs (mostly Rob) Blog Carnival Picks

Top Picks

WOW it was hard to pick the best posts, every post this week was really, really good! I really urge you to go through all of them — there are only 26 (my blog reader has more site than 26 and I manage to read all sites daily). I know you will not regret this weeks edition!

The rest of the submissions for Edition 20 of the Internet Business Blog Carnival…

 Robert Benjamin OIBO dot org


About Rob 'n Mo

I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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