iPhone – On Hold, Indefinately…

No iPhone for Mo...

The number you have dialed is not in service… OR baaaad hold music.  Whatever.  You pick…


I was sooo looking forward to picking up an iPhone, and in fact was going to take the day off of work to stand in the looong lines so that I could pick one up.

But I saw the cost of the plans, and well… there is no iPhone in my future.  The plans are just to damn expensive and they give you sooooo little.  Unfortunately in Canada, it appears that all the phone companies are watching each others backs. 

Fido won’t do anything to upset Rogers (Rogers owns FIDO).  Bell plays the game, just as well as Telus.  There are a handful of smaller companies, but they all rely on someone elses network for example 7-Eleven SpeakOut phone utilizes Rogers network and Virgin utilizes Bells’ network.

So in Canada you only have three players: Rogers/FIDO, Bell and Telus (who are all national carriers).

So how rich do you have to be?  Well consider what I found over at http://www.iphoneincanada.ca/

How Much An iPhone 3G Will Cost You Over The Mandatory 3 Year Contract?

Let’s say you choose the $60 plan as a bare minimum plus the $15/month voice value pack…

$199 iPhone 3G after taxes (in BC at least) = $224.87

$60 voice/data plan + $15 voice value pack + $6.95 SAF = 81.95 + GST/PST = $92.60/month

$92.60 x 36 months (3 year contract) = 3333.60 + $224.87 = $3,558.47 over 3 years!

The Plans – from Rogers

$60 Voice/Data Gives you…
150 daytime + Unlimited Evenings/Weekends (are you for real?!)
400MB data
75 Sent text messages
Unlimited incoming text messages (this has always been the case, advertising it makes it seems special)
Unlimited Voicemail (those capped voicemails inboxes are gone forever…)

$75 Voice/Data Gives you…
300 daytime + Unlimited Evenings/Weekends
750MB data
100 Sent text messages
Unlimited incoming text/voicemail

$100 Voice/Data Gives you…
600 daytime + Unlimited Evenings/Weekends
1GB data
200 Sent text messages
Unlimited incoming text/voicemail

$115 Voice/Data Gives you…
800 daytime + Unlimited Evenings/Weekends
2GB data
300 Sent text messages
Unlimited incoming text/voicemail

Voice Value Packs

  • $15/month:Caller ID, Who Called, Caller Ring Trax, 2,500 Sent Text Messages and 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes
  • $20/month:Caller ID, Who Called, Caller Ring Trax, 10,000 Sent Text Messages and 6:00 p.m. Early Evening Calling and 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes.

NOTE that Fido customers with the $20/month plan get 5pm evenings!

Now… either Rogers/Fido will consider the backlash and adjust their pricing, OR revealing the pricing as it currently is was a ploy to generate even more hype about the iPhone.  Whatever the case, if a Telus & Bell version of the phone become available and their pricing is MUCH (MUCH) better than Telus/Bell will steal customers away.

Anyways – no damn way I’ll be spending $4k over three years to own an iPhone that will probably sell for around $199.00 + taxes Canadian.

Until then, I’ll happily use my BlackBerry…

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