iPod Touch 3rd Gen

itouchSo a loooong time after the iPod Touch came out, I bought it.  Until now, I used my trusty and true HP PocketPC.  It’s still great – but lacks WIFI unless I buy a $100.00 + card that gives me WiFi & memory upgrade.  NO thanks.  Of course, I could have also spend $400.00 + on the newest PocketPC – um, but why.

The iPod Touch is great.  I use it as a PDA but have a ton of games, and other apps that are quite useful on it.

But now I read that a new version is coming out.  Aaack.  You can never stay on top of the latest tech, unless you have a lot of money to spend.  Sigh.  Maybe I will give my iPod Touch to my 6-year old.  He loves gadgets as much as I do and is using my old HP PocketPc (more for fun than anything else).

…or maybe I join the 21st century and buy myself a 3GS iPhone?

I like the iTouch for casual surfing and e-mail and checking the blog from time-to-time, though that is what I did buy my little netbook for.  But I do also get quite a bit out of the netbook, but to truly make it portable you really need to purchase one of those Internet Sticks that most wireless carriers have come out with.

I’ve read that the new iTouch will have a 3mp camera (http://www.redmondpie.com/ipod-touch-3rd-generation-with-camera/).

Now the other thing that I am seriously considering to do to my iTouch is to jailbreak it.  I realize it probably voids my warranty but I like all the cool stuff you can do with a jailbreaked (is that even a word) iTouch – http://www.iphonespies.com/iphone-hacks/why-jailbreak-your-iphone-or-ipod-touch/ - they’ve got some good ideas and it would be nice to be able to change backgrounds etc., wondering why Apple didn’t allow or provide for that level of customization?

The same site has another good post on whether to buy an iTouch or iPhone – great comparison – http://www.iphonespies.com/gadgets/iphone-vs-ipod-touch-which-is-better-for-you/.

UPDATE 08/24/09 @ 14:09 PST – Heh… one simple post and a dozen emails via the contact us form… no, I don’t know when the iPod Touch 3rd generation will be released, however there is a lot of talk that it will happen in September 2009 or at least the announcement will be made September 2009 but in all honesty, nobody knows.  There is just a lot of speculation going on about when the 3rd gen iPod Touch will be announced and whether it will have a camera and built-in speaker.  We will just have to wait and see…



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