Is Mass PPV Traffic A Scam?

FREE Mass PPV TrafficMass PPV Traffic has been out since October 27, 2009 – and I’ve just recently had the opportunity to review it (my partner, Robert picked up a copy).

As well by now most people have probably made their purchase, and have read all the Mass PPV Traffic “reviews” out there (in reality most of the reviews were part of the affiliate package that they put out).

So is Mass PPV Traffic a scam? No. I can honestly say that IT IS NOT a scam. It’s the real deal, and it’s something that most newbies (as opposed to NOOBIES) will have even thought about when trying to get traffic to their pay-per-click offers.

So there are a few ways to get people to click through on your pay-per-click offers:

SEO – the tried, and true way to build a business. Great, but it can take a long time to drive the right amount of traffic to your site. You need to combine your SEO with other traffic generation methods. What’s next?

PPC – this is advertising in Google, Bing, Yahoo and perhaps other lesser known search engines out there. But Google, Bing and Yahoo will cost you money. A LOT of money – but you do get better targeted traffic to your site.

What else could you do? Advertise on other sites, but unless the site is drawing a lot of visitors and a HUGE number of unique visitors you could well be throwing your money away.

Mass PPV Traffic provides you with an alternative source of purchasing traffic that is as low as $0.01 per visitor – NO LIES. They are delivering the goods.

You are probably thinking “Yah sure, he just wants to make money” – well, sure I do (isn’t that why you are reading this blog?) but I never recommend anything unless I’ve bought it and there is any truth to the product.

I’ve viewed the videos:

  • Introduction
  • Member Area
  • Introduction To xxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxx Alexa
  • xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxx Search Engines
  • Setting Up xxxxxx
  • Setting Up xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Setting Up Your xxxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxx Testing
  • URL xxxxxxxx

I’ve read the three PDFs that are part of the package.

In all honesty – Mass PPV Traffic delivers what they say.  I was stunned when I viewed the videos.  As you know I’m getting my toes wet with CPC, and CPA Networks and had only been playing around with Google, Bing and Yahoo for advertising – but this source of traffic (though small) is another source of traffic that is cheap!

For the price – $77.00 (as of this writing) you CAN NOT go wrong.  I highly recommend Mass PPV Traffic if you are working on making it rich by promoting affiliate programs.

Mass PPV Traffic

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