I/We Are Back

Hey all – so it’s been a few (well two) weeks since we’ve been away.  Mostly away due to work related activities – busy at the office, with very little time left for doing anything on the computer.  But I think I’m back… well, at least I hope I’m back.

On a personal note, my wife and son are back from Dar Es Sallam, Tanzania – they were gone for close to three months!  My son really enjoyed himself there – he met a lot of his cousins.  His mom comes from a HUGE family (5 brothers and 4 other sisters) – so there are LOTS of cousins.  Most are much older than he is but quite a few are around the same age (2-3 years difference) and there is one that about a year younger than he is so they got along just great.

When kids are so young the one thing that they pick-up on very quickly are languages.  Although we speak English at home, he managed to strengthen his other languages – such as Gujurati, Kutchi (languages from India), and even managed to pick up some Swahili.  I don’t think he’ll manage to keep most languages because we don’t speak it at home regularly and at school it’s usually English.

I’ve been checking stats as often as I can, and it’s amazing that the number of visitors to the site have stayed pretty steady – although my Alexa rating has gone down, it’s not something I’m overly worried about.

Anyway I am back, and I will be continuing the series that was started off and will be starting with How To Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs.

Take care!

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I'm a man of mystery. I like anonymity, but on the WWW there is not much of it...
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