Jaarko Laine… Insane???

Jaarko Laine Insane

This is a short post…

So like Mo, I’ve got dozens and dozens of feeds in my RSS Reader.  I try to visit most sites on a daily basis (actually I’m obsessive compulsive, especially when it comes to things like e-mail, checking the blogs stats and reading blogs) and I happened to visit Jaarko Laine who is Insanely Interested in Everything.


So anyway, I’m reading, and here is an interesting post entitled “28 Ideas To Spice Up Your Morning” and I’m thinking – this could be cool, besides the early morning <CENSORED> I’ll pick up some other ideas on how to spend the first 8 to 12 hours of my day.

What a disappointment.

Get this, items #1 to 10 involve you doing one thing.  WAKING THE FCUK UP!  I mean WTF kind of advice is this?  Seriously.  I see the word “spice” I’m expecting something… well, spicy.

Number 1 is wake up early.  Ummm…yah, in order to spice up your morning… afternoon… evening… you bloody well better wake up!

Number 2 – take a shower.  Doesn’t everyone?  I guess he assumes that nobody takes showers in the morning.  Well, I guess if you blog for a living you could sit around in your birthday suit… which brings us to number 3, which is (you guessed it) GET DRESSED.  Damn.  Forgot that again.  And look, its 5:30pm.

I honestly don’t get this post at all – and I’m no damn conservative nut job either.

  • So what if I don’t get up early?
  • What if I don’t take a shower?
  • What if I want to walk around in my PJs or birthday suit and blog?

I don’t eat breakfast – guess I’m out of the running on 28 Ways to Spice Up MY Morning… besides he toilet bowlmissed “BRUSH YOUR FRIGGIN TEETH” since we’re getting technical on all the other points…

So do you somehow fail if you don’t follow the steps?

This reminds me of the guy from Second City (the television comedy show from years ago), the spaced out guy who would ask…

What is spaced out?  What happens when you’re spaced IN?  How does someone get spaced IN? — Just wish I could remember the show and the character.

Wonder if he was spaced out when writing that post… Jaarko, buddy – what were you thinking???

Anyway… Jaarko has some great posts – but 28 Ideas To Spice Up Your Morning is not one of them.

Robert Benjamin


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