Keyword Research and Content Is Still King

Is the brouhoha over about the recent Google EMD/PMD slaughter?  Everyone is screaming about it – from large sites that contained a lot of solid content and provided a good user experience to single page content sites that were rocking with their exact match domains and partial match domains.

Click that first link and the guys over at have this to say:

There’s no other way to put this…many of our sites have been decimated. We were averaging 6,454 page views a day on Saturdays/Sundays this month and this last weekend we dropped to 2,012 page views…a 69% drop in traffic. Our average earnings in the same period dropped from $134.62 per day to $43.59…a 68% drop in earnings.”


According to Matt Cutts this change affected 0.6% of websites.  You can read more about what the heck happened here, here, here and here oh and here.  Kidding about the last two links.

So it’s been a slaughter and nobody has been spared especially if you’ve used EMD’d or PMD’s.

Anyway… regardless of what Google has done (and will do) the name of the game is not micro-niche sites but more authority sites that provide good quality content and a great user experience.  This is the kind of sites advertisers want to advertise on.

Think about it.  If you were an advertiser, would you want to spend your advertising $$$ on the bad part of town with run-down buildings, and shady going-ons?  This isn’t to say that micro-niche sites are run-down or shady, but you get what I mean – right?  So back to the analogy, well would ya?  No.  Probably not.

Google is going through and cleaning the town the only way it can, drop those micro-niche sites off the face of Google.  Yes it also caught a lot of other quality sites but you will probably see some balancing over the next few weeks and sites that were not spammy will probably get some of their luster back.

There are a few options available to you however regardless of what you do you still need to perform good, solid keyword research and specifically on the buyer keywords or long-tail keywords that are and always will be the gold mine.

Over the years we’ve spent a lot on different keyword tools and have used the Google KWT quite a bit and it’s been a good friend – but about 2-weeks ago started working with the trial version of Long Tail Pro and it was phenomenal!  It was so good we decided to invest on the full version of it.  Best purchase we made in a long time.

Using some root keyword techniques, we came up with about 100 root keywords and went through those in about 1-2 hours and came up with about 50-60 very good product keywords that are highly searched for and should generate some good AdSense income along with Amazon sales.

We’ll talk about how we’re promoting these keywords – but lets say that in the last 48-hours we’ve got roughly 150-200 writers generating articles and product reviews for us along with having secured about 60 EMD sites.  Notice I didn’t say domains.  We’re not ready to spill the beans on what we’ve done just yet – but it’s nothing new.

Anyway LongTailPro has been a life saver because had we done things manually as we normally do it would have taken us more than 8-hours to find the keywords AND pare that list down to the 50 or 60 awesome keywords we found that we want to target.


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