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Keyword research and correctly utilizing those keywords in content is still a tough thing for many to overcome.  I know here at OIBO (Online Internet Business Opportunity), Rob and I still “struggle” with keyword research.  The mentality is to get a site up quickly and worry about the keyword research later.  Unfortunately it does not work that way and at the end of the day you will probably work twice as hard at the tail-end of the process rather than putting in the time up-front and then working on tweaking the site.

With keyword research the goal is to find keywords that will convert.  What does convert mean?  Convert simply means getting the visitor to buy something.

Why would they click on the link?  If the keyword that is indexed ranks high and your site is in the top spots you’ve got a better chance of someone clicking on the link and quite possibly buying what you are selling or clicking through an affiliate program that you are advertising, or clicking on an Google AdSense advertisement.

Keywords come in several shapes and sizes – well, ok not several.  But you want something that you can rank for that isn’t impossible and you want keywords that will convert.  Typically that means long-tail keywords.

Think about what you do when you are searching for a product or service you want to buy:

  • Security guard training courses in Los Angles
  • Best digital camera under $200.00
  • Best hotel to stay at when going to Mexico

Those are long-tail keywords because the surfer is looking for something specific.  Shorter keywords could also convert, but could be more difficult such as security guard training – the surfer is looking for general information (which could be good also).

Now finding long-tail keywords is the “tough” part.  There are plenty of paid keyword research tools out there, but most rely on AdWords (this is a Google product) or private databases (Wordtracker comes to mind).

The advantage with the paid keyword research tools and software is that they automate many of the tasks required to find good keywords, but you don’t necessarily need to spend the money as you can do it manually.  In fact I would highly recommend that you try the FREE methods first and once you’re comfortable doing it manually then spend the money.  Also DON’T spend the money if you cannot afford to at this point in time.

What we did when we first started was to build our first sites and develop our products, sell them and generate revenue.  Once we were generating revenue then we started to buy the tools we needed to speed the process up.  I would recommend following the same process so that you don’t spend thousands of dollars on tools, books etc., that you probably don’t need right away.

Using a the example above I will walk you through how to find the precious and highly desirable long-tail keywords using the Google AdWords tool.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will be sure to answer them.  Rob or I will post the step-by-step tomorrow, while giving you some keyword research tips to make finding valuable keywords easily.  Looking forward to seeing you then!

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